BTC: Elizabeth May pledges allegiance to ‘life-giving orb’


The what now?


BTC: Elizabeth May pledges allegiance to ‘life-giving orb’

  1. Dear Lord. I hope she meant the earth, because otherwise…

  2. I watched May’s launch this morning and I really don’t know what to make of her. She looks like a bag lady but she always comes across as a formidable debater/speaker.

    When I heard her mention life-giving orb, I instantly thought of The Orb and their classic Little Fluffy Clouds. It totally fits May’s earth mother image.


  3. During the election campaign, I am sure many citizen voters will be asking the question: Elizabeth who?

    I am betting she will get soundly trounced in McKay’s riding.

  4. I think it’s a hidden reference to the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The rest of us may not get it, but I’m sure her supporters will.

  5. I think she was referring to Roy Orbison.

    Only the lonely

  6. I think she was referring to the Ontario Roaming Bares (ORB) nudist club.

  7. May sounds a little like Kyle’s mother on South Park.

  8. I have been to green party headquarters. They actually have this sphere in the middle of their compound which emits light and feelings of happiness. Apparently it was placed here by the aliens to propagate life.

  9. That like totally makes me want to go off into the forest with a group of women, holding hands, naked as nature intended, and menstruate onto the ground.

    And I’m a guy.

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