BTC: Nothing to see here


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announces that a Newfoundland manufacturer has voluntarily recalled 31 products for fear of listeria contamination. The government’s own scientists want Gerry Ritz fired. And authorities are investigating the death of an infant in northern Manitoba.

The Toronto Star comments: “Ritz’s gallows humour was objectionable, but tangential. Whether he resigns or not, it’s the government’s ideologically driven policy that needs to be replaced.”


BTC: Nothing to see here

  1. That settles it obviously. If unionized bureaucrats want something than we should obviously follow them because who cares about democracy, elections and the like.

    And who cares what Tor Star think, they are hardly neutral in this issue/election. Linda Diebel was on Duffy this week talking about how her paper, and other reporters, are actively trying to help Dion by withholding info they know to be true.

  2. jwl – perhaps, in the light of the recalls and the deaths, we should examine this deregulation policy, no?

    Also, are the government scientists apart of this great conspiracy against the poor Conservative victims?

    Perhaps we should just do away with all food safety? Would cut lots of unionized jobs. It might eat into the tax base when contaminated food eats into people, but good luck proving it!

  3. Jwl, ever been to an ideological driven funeral?

  4. jwl: when harper was in SK last spring and was widely quoted as saying Dion’s Green Shift plan would “screw” Canada — he also that day, in front of local media, made disparaging comments about the wheat board — there had been a decision announced that day.

    Local CTV news “decided” not to report on his wheat board comments. After all, this is the one place it would not play well.

    I can’t speak for all of Canada, but believe me — most of the press here gives harper and brad wall a free pass. Especially CTV and Global.

  5. Those people who died from Listeria conatmination were Liberals trying to make the government look bad.

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