BTC: The end of the Peter Van Loan Era


Because if there’s anything the new Public Safety Minister demonstrated during the last Parliament it’s that he’s just the sort of guy you want protecting your family from Osama bin Laden.


BTC: The end of the Peter Van Loan Era

  1. I dunno. Do the terrorists respond well to rhetoric, deflecting questions and seeing a fat man get mad during question period?

  2. Transcanada: I certainly respond to such things, but not well.

  3. This appointment was utterly shocking to me. There must have been dozens of Conservative MPs more competent to take on this important portfolio than Van Loan. If anything he should have been booted from cabinet or given a meaningless secretary of state portfolio owing to his dismal performance as House Leader.

  4. He understands the fanatic’s mind. Thank God he never turned to crime.

  5. Well I think Van Loan deserves a post that is not one of the usual rants. First I think he did an outstanding job as an attack dog. I remember when Trudeau used Chretien and everyone and I mean everyone was having a good ol time with a mad on for the Chretien monster that Trudeau created and then guess what? A few years later he ends up running one of the longest parliaments ever. So who knows in a few years Peter could become Peter the Great (stranger things have happened folks)

  6. Not by much, Wayne.

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