BTC: ‘What is your bias against bull?’


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BTC: ‘What is your bias against bull?’

  1. A guy on PBS had a better version of the “sunshine” comment she made.

    Obama says “Moon made of rock”
    McCain says “Moon made of cheese”
    Newspaper says “Candidates disagree on composition of moon.”

    Whereas I think a newspaper should say “McCain stupid, possibly crazy.”

  2. Yes, because the newspapers and MSM have been sooooo forgiving of GOP gaffes this election.

  3. Would the liberal press have the nerve to say “who pays the piper calls the tune” ?

    i.e. Taxpyers pay 40% of the great ones wages so they get 40% of his loyality ? “Top ups ” pay 60% of his wages thus have veto power ?

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