BTC: You stay classy, Canadian politics (II)


On one of those other election websites, Rob Silver raises a probably valid concern about video of Michael Ignatieff firing a rifle found on the Conservative party’s new attack site. Why the clip is there in the first place is hard to figure. But I note that when Mr. Ignatieff first fires the gun, the subsequent explosion appears roughly where Mr. Dion’s head is placed on the website’s main page. 

At best, the clip is pointless. At worst, it’s a new kind of tastelessness.

For the record, a request for explanation has been sent to the Conservative war room.


BTC: You stay classy, Canadian politics (II)

  1. Typical of right wing parties, wherever you go. They can’t win on ideas, so they make ads like these. Puffin poop? Come on.

  2. I think they changed the video or I can’t find it. What’s the url?

  3. I, too, am looking for url cause I can’t find the clip either. Are we just supposed to take your’s and Silver’s word for it, Aaron?

  4. Click on the little guy with the gun in the bottom corner on the NAL site.

  5. Yeah, that seems random. Maybe there’s some sort of easter egg where you can have Michael Ignatieff blow the poop out of that Puffin.

  6. Thanks T Thwim, I found it.

    And I can’t believe that’s what Aaron has got his knickers in a twist about. Maybe it’s random or maybe its linked to Dion’s claim that Cons are ‘soft on guns’ comment yesterday. Who knows but I am sure glad Aaron’s on the case to defend his man Dion.

  7. Come on Aaron…Shaquille O’Neal can’t even reach that far.

    I suppose you were OK with the Liberal TV ad from 2004 that shot a gun in our faces?

  8. Yeah, I think the “shot placement” theory is a bit of a stretch myself. I think what it’s actually trying to do is connect Ignatieff with brown people who vaguely look like terrorists.

  9. You mean brown people ain’t all terrists? I ain’t seen ’em wear any blue shirts, so they ain’t with us.


  10. Okay, so I clicked it, and I can’t believe my eyes and ears.

    It’s a grainy low-res clip of a younger Iggy, I guess in Afghanistan, or is it maybe in the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq. He fires a gun, and then abandons doing so because it really isn’t his cup of tea. Awkwardness and forced merriment abound.

    Since the notaleader site is authorized by the CPC, I presume this embedded video is making a political point. However, I do not understand what that point is.

    – JV

  11. Nevermind a request sent to the Conservative war room. Have someone ask Harper directly this morning at the 9am news conference about the website (if I heard that correct on Canada AM). I’d like to hear his explanation about the purpose of this video. He can’t argue that he doesn’t know its there. If he does it’s another gaf.

  12. It is possible that the video is meant to portray Ignatieff as being friendly with insurgents and to discredit him if he has any further leadership ambitions in the near future.

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