By the numbers (II)


Stephen Harper, Friday. “We just had an election. What we’re looking for from Ignatieff and the other parties is, obviously, an opportunity to work together to advance the interest of the country. We do think that, rather than this kind of partisanship, people should be seeking ways to work together to advance our shared interests at this time of recession.”

Since returning in January, the House has been in session for a total of 49 normal business days.

On each of those 49 days, the schedule, as dictated by Standing Order 31 of Parliament, has dictated that 15 minutes before Question Period be reserved for “statements by members”—time typically used by MPs to publicly celebrate local bake sales, pass on congratulations to noteworthy constituents or champion personal causes.

Through yesterday, Conservative members have used 81 of these statements since the House returned to cast aspersion or accusation on the Liberal opposition or its leader.


By the numbers (II)

  1. Only 81 of those infantile attacks? In 49 days?

    The Cons are getting lazy.

    • No “numbers” on Liberal attacks.

      They don’t attack.

      To the leftist media they harmlessly float above it all, defensively responding to conservative evilness.

      It’s evil because its conservative.

  2. The Commons is no place for politics.

  3. Since we’re looking at this “by the numbers”, what was the total number of statements by Conservative members during those 49 days?

    • Right. I am sure we can find a way to make two attacks per day look relatively less ridiculous in light of the PM’s statement of non-partisan cooperation. Or at least less silly than the PM saying this at all given his November show of brilliance.

      How many times did the Libs, NDP and Bloc respectively use member’s statements to attack SH or the CPC?

      • Presumably 100% of the time! They are the official opposition.

        This is the double standard of politics.

        But I believe Aaron is commenting on Prime Minister Pot calling the proverbial kettle black.

        Liberals do not have a monopoly on partisanship and it is statements like this that make the Prime Minister lose credibilty. He has no moral compass.

        • I suspect that the opposition parties used the members’ statements for what they are intended – constituency related announcements, public issues statements and the like.

          Not that attacks were unheard of, but they were rare I believe until the Conservatives turned them into the ugliness that the Speaker has called them on time and time again.

          Our tax dollars at work.

          • CR: I didn’t count. But assume about seven per day.

            Sean: I’ll check later if I get a chance, but suffice it to say, much less. And 81 is the total number of statements used by Conservatives to target Liberals. If you broadened that to include Conservative statements directed at the Bloc and NDP, the number would increase by, I’m guessing, a dozen or so.

            Anyway. In the interests of fair play, I’ll try to throw some numbers together.

          • So 81 out of approximately 350 Conservative member’s statements were partisan attacks on the Liberals? 23% doesn’t seem that bad.

          • Considering the Conservatives are currently the governing party, a number closer to 0% would be more reassuring.

            This observation in spite of the current economic crisis.

          • SAB, members statement are not intended to criticize anyone, so there is no double standard here.

            CR, maybe my sarcasm was laid on too heavy. Justifying it as less than a quarter of the time makes it no less tawdry.

            1) the statements are not intended for this. period; 2) Harper and his cronies ether think we are idiots or are happy to appear so themselves by calling the opposition overly partisan while insult all other parties with almost a third of their members statements; but 3) maybe you are ok with the conservatives just playing politics instead of governing.

  4. Anyway. In the interests of fair play, I’ll try to throw some numbers together

    And in the interests of making the Cons look even more ridiculous when those numbers are compared, I urge you to compile and post those numbers as soon as you can.

    • Preferably side by side, re-publishing the Con numbers together with the NDP/Bloc/Liberal numbers.

  5. Seriously, does this man ever actually listen to himself?

  6. Aaron – don’t they precede Oral questions?
    If the Speaker sits at 1:30pm and Oral Questions starts at 2:15pm (from memory) – and they have 15 minutes total – even if there is nothing else tabled – that makes for max. 6-7 per day – doesn’t it – even if most of them are recognizing folks from their constituency in the public galleries?

  7. Naturally you do not mention the number of times the Liberals, NDP, and the useless Bloq have attacked the government in memeber statements! But I guess that does not count! Geez how much do the liberal pay you to write this junk!

    • did you bother to read his comment post a mere 5 hours before yours?

  8. Harper is short changing both his own MP’s, and their constituents. Since only 15 minutes is allowed for ‘statements by members’ why not allow members to provide information on their constituencies?

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