C-38: Make it a thousand


Earlier today, the Liberals tabled 503 clause deletions for C-38. The New Democrats have now tabled 506 clause deletions (the similar numbers are said to be coincidence). In effect, there are now more proposed clause deletions than there are clauses, but presumably there is some crossover.

Apparently the Liberals had some interns camp out for 30 hours to be sure their clause deletions were tabled first.

In other news, Marc Garneau stood after QP to respond offer the Liberal response to Elizabeth May’s point of order. I’ll post the text of his remarks once it is available.


C-38: Make it a thousand

  1. When you see the opposition band together to table so many clause deletions, and they are all on the same page as far as critique of a budget bill that affects 70 pieces of legislation, you know there’s serious trouble in the halls of Parliament. Enough with omnibus bills – C-38 should not be allowed to pass.

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