Canada, way back


David Emerson looks back fondly.

“Certainly when I travelled abroad… people would say, ‘Where’s Canada been? Why aren’t you out more?” said Mr. Emerson, who was trade and Foreign Affairs minister under Mr. Harper.

“There was a real kind of noticeable impression out there in the world community that Canada is not as visible as we used to be, and should be,” he told Canwest News Service in an interview.

Paul considers the hilarious irony.


Canada, way back

  1. I’m trying to figure out if Paul’s story about Emerson snubbing Steinmeier has been verified in some way. Who is Paul’s source? I haven’t seen any other media references to this alleged incident. Hopefully someone is able to confirm it and get the story out, because it seems like a fairly important matter.

  2. Of course, they meant as compared to the Trudeau years….

    • Oh no Mike. Steve thinks we’re way back from those days!

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