The Prime Minister’s spokesman was on the television just now arguing that the current government’s position is unchanged from that of the Chretien and Martin governments.

Interesting to note here that in Sept. 2002, our embassy in Washington sent a letter to the U.S. state department alerting the American administration to the fact that the Canadian government thought it “inappropriate” for Khadr to be transferred to Guantanamo.

Interesting too, as Michelle Shepherd reported recently, that, according to federal lawyers, “Canada considers that Omar Khadr’s juvenile status should be taken into account in all aspects of his detention, treatment, proceedings and possible sentence.”



  1. I love it when positions ‘never’ change, even when circumstances do.

    It seems they are still trying to blame the ‘previous Liberal government’ for this. Im sorry, but if you see the mess and still dont clean it up, Then the fault lies squarely on your shoulders.

    Is Peter MacKay the only rational one left in our government??

    • A question I never thought I would see …..

      • Certainly. I never thought I would ask it.

  2. On Douglass’ question, no doubt the PMO will decline answering…