Captain Democracy -

Captain Democracy


The Walrus wonders this month if Elizabeth May can rescue democracy in this country. According to Betteridge’s Law, the answer is no. But her approach to Parliament since arriving here is still worthy of consideration.

Here is her speech, delivered this morning, on the budget bill.


Captain Democracy

  1. Interesting speech, thanks for sharing.

  2. Rae, Mulcair – are you listening? This is how you show Harper & Co for what they really are, while displaying why you should be the alternative.

    I’m suddenly feeling a little Greener.

    • you will be glad to hear that the Liberal Party has supported and worked with E.M. on a number of issues and will continue to do so. Marc Garneau

  3. canada is no longer a democracy and a full THIRD of the population is actually celebrating that. We deserve a dictatorship. we should have dragger harper from his bed and thrown naked into a filthy cage the size of a kitchen stove.