Checking in with Joe


When last we checked, Joe Soares was dismissing the “bland moderate policies” of the other Conservative candidates in Calgary Centre, warning that Thomas Mulcair’s “socialist high tax and anti-Alberta policies will destroy Canada” and accusing BC Premier Christy Clark of “economic terrorism.”

Now he’s selling bumper stickers and attacking fellow candidate Joan Crockatt for having once defended Belinda Stronach.

“I’ve always supported Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I had the honour and privilege of working for him. It is no surprise that our great Prime Minister is often unfairly attacked by partisan commentators and journalists in the main stream media. But what I am surprised about is that one of these commentators, who appears to have acted as spokesperson for Belinda Stronach after she went to the Liberals, now wants to be an MP in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s caucus. As a Conservative I would not be comfortable with having someone in caucus siding with Liberal Belinda Stronach and I would hope that Joan Crockatt has changed her views on the Prime Minister. I believe that what is important here in Calgary-Centre is to elect a real Conservative prepared to take a stand on issues important to Calgarians such as defending the Oil Sands from Quebec’s Thomas Mulcair and his socialist wrecking crew, and ending gold-plated pensions for MPs.”

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Checking in with Joe

  1. Adam Carroll, he of “Vikileaks” infamy and asked to resign by Bob Rae in February because of it, is now again gainfully employed by the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Is anyone truly surprised?

    Remember how much of a big deal the press made when a fired Conservative staffer showed up as a volunteer (i.e. not paid) sign planter on a Conservative campaign?

    Bob Rae got kudos from many people, myself included, for doing the right thing and sacking Carroll. Anyone going to ask Bob Rae what the hell this guy is doing employed by the party again just a few months after he made a big deal about Carroll being asked to resign over Vikileaks? Anyone going to ask just how long Carroll was told he’d have to endure a “show firing” before he’d be welcomed back with open arms?


    • Wrong thread – the one you’re looking for is titled something like ‘Cons outraged Libs Adopting their Standards’.

    • Yup. I will.

    • Oh, what are those black cats and white cats up to now?

    • And this has exactly what to do with Joe Soares?

      • Nothing at all. Just wanted to get this on the record, and I doubt that Aaron will link to this story. If he does, I’ll be happy to post my comment there & remove from here.

    • Of course, Carroll should never have been fired – only disciplined for using work time for personal pursuits.

      For an internet presence who claims to be ever so sensitive to false equivalencies and media bias, you’re kinda cutting off your own legs here, even BEFORE the story actually WAs reported on. Maybe tommorow will be a better day for you, though it won’t make you reasonable.

  2. Quebec’s answer to Craig Chandler.

  3. This is WAR for Calgary Center … Joan Crocket … The Senior Editor of
    the Calgary Herald that stood her ground and Now holds the record for
    causing the Heralds Wild Cat Strike …. Politicians are supposed to
    help people along, with Wild Cat Joan we know she will hold party lines
    at any cost, will she defend you? Will she just be cold? Our Ridding
    needs someone that Can work with people … I k
    now that person to be Greg McLean
    He can work in the “Grey Areas” .. I do not know Wild Cat Joan …
    but I do know her track record … FOR CALGARY CENTER please Vote for
    Greg McLean … Well Spoken, Well Mannered, Well Read. He has been a
    Member and Board Member of Calgary Center for century’s. He has served
    under a prominent MP He knows his way around .. This is his first time
    Running … Vote For Greg McLean For Calgary Center