Chris Alexander is unimpressed -

Chris Alexander is unimpressed


The parliamentary secretary to the Minister of National Defence has posted a link to this blog post on Facebook with the following note (which I can see because Mr. Alexander just added me as a “friend” on Facebook).

Check out this remarkably skewed blog from Aaron Wherry, which does not even mention the government’s new seven-point policy on fighter jets, released on April 3 and heavily discussed inside and outside ever since. Where has he been? Should we not expect better from Maclean’s?

One of Mr. Alexander’s Facebook friends added a note seeking clarification.

Chris, could you clarify how this is skewed?  With all due respect… all that Wherry has done here is contrast the Government’s attempt to revise history with their own quotes on the record going back as far as early 2010. Senior government officials repeatedly made it clear in high-profile public statements that a decision HAD been made — to suggest that the public “misunderstood” as you did is simply incorrect. The public understood perfectly. You can change your communications strategy, but you cannot re-write history.

Mr. Alexander then responded as follows.

“Inside and outside parliament” is what I meant to write above. Really though, since when do year-old quotes on an issue have more weight than a seven-point plan issued in April of this year that has been repeatedly supported by the government in Question Period, in Committee of the Whole and in dozens of interviews since then. Does Aaron Wherry simply not remember Chapter 2 of the Auditor General’s report, and the government response to it?

Aladdin, he has reported on an issue in August 2012 using quotes from 2011 and 2010 when in fact the plan that represents government policy was announced on April 3 of this year. That will be deeply confusing for his readers….

I do appreciate Mr. Alexander’s concern for my readers.

If any of you find yourselves deeply confused, allow me to explain. In the previous blog post, I was merely comparing Mr. Alexander’s comments about there having been a “misunderstanding … in the Canadian public opinion” so far as a decision, contract or obligation to purchase the F-35 is concerned with what some of Mr. Alexander’s colleagues said previously about a decision, contract or obligation to purchase the F-35.

In responding to the auditor general’s concerns, the government announced a new plan to guide the procurement of new fighter jets. The debate around the F-35 has been covered fairly extensively in this space (see here). This particular matter of tone and wording has been previously covered here, here and here.


Chris Alexander is unimpressed

  1. Amazing.

    • Even better, go to Wells twitter and watch former Conservative party president laughing at Canadians for how dumb they were to take the government’s word at face value instead of searching for tiny little qualifiers.

      • Former Wildrose president; I don’t know whether he played any role in the federal Conservative party.

        • My mistake.

      • From my personal observations, this is pretty much how the entire Conservative Party of Canada treats any Canadian who isn’t a party supporter.

        Their attitude is “my way or the highway,” if you find fault with them or disagree you must be unintelligent.

  2. I didn’t think it was possible to do more damage to this file than what Fantino did. Turns out it is.

  3. Is the Harper government buying the F-35 or is it not? If it is not, then what about the few hundred jobs that the F-35 purchase would create? Let’s face it, the Harper government has no bloody clue what it should do. Harper committed to a purchase without proper due diligence and then when found wanting, he does not have the humility to apologize and then move on. He still wants to get the F-35 despite the increased risk in cost and functionality.
    Chris Alexander should do himself a favor – use his intellect instead of just being a puppet.

  4. It would appear that in Mr. Alexander’s universe, the government’s “new seven-point policy on fighter jets, released on April 3” completely obliterates all previous history on the matter, including government pronouncements, allowing him to replace all of it retroactively with his own conveniently-reconstructed reality.

    Oh, and by the way, Mr. Alexander’s universe is just one of the many visited by Dr. Who.

    • “I am altering the seven point agreement. Pray I do not alter it further.”

    • Yep, NOTHING he said addresses the fact the they lied to the Canadian people for so long.

  5. This is AWESOME.

    So, as long as a politician (or group of politicians) tells the truth about a file EVENTUALLY, then the moment he or she does so it completely obliterates the many times said politician(s) lied to the public about the issue before that.

    I’m shocked that Alexander had the gall to reply to the post at all, but to reply essentially asking “Why is everyone so focused on the two years of lying to the public that we did now that we’ve finally started being more truthful?” is AMAZING!!!

    • Also, if commenters flailing about saying “yeah well the agreement must have meant just this and not that and then they could seen to be telling the truth”had a point, you’d think Alexander would have backed that up.

    • How dare you. Only Dennis_F is allowed to accuse anyone of having gall on Maclean’s boards.
      (Where is Dennis_F by the way? It was always so entertaining to see him turn himself into a pretzel on the subject of coalitions)

  6. —-Very gracious of Mr. Alexander to take the time to try to enlighten the confused Mr. Wherry and his confused readers.
    Chretien waited until after we had signed a contract on the helicopters before he cancelled, resulting in several million dollars having to be paid in compensation by his government, not to mention all those job losses for Canadian workers.
    Fortunately Canadians are blessed with the wisdom of Mr. Harper and Mr. Alexander now. We can be sure the contracts will be signed in due time and the planes will be built at the right price and using Canadian expertise and workers.

    Sit back and enjoy !

    • Remember CPC supporters, party above country forever and always!!!

      • Remember Liberal supporters, winning is everything—principles are unnecessary!!!

        • …Which is why Liberal supporters had the good grace to NOT vote Liberal after the sponsorship scandal, right?

          Because Conservative supporters are willing to let their party bald-faced LIE to every single voter in Canada instead of actually holding the party they support to any sort of higher standard or accountability.

          There is a large group of unprincipled people in Canada willing to look the other way when it comes to lies, deceit and corruption, and those people vote Conservative Party of Cannibals every election.

    • Great satire, Rory! ‘Due time’, ‘right price’ – hilarious stuff!!!

  7. I just got off the original thread on this, thinking that this topic has attracted far more comments than anything else this summer (I think?) — and so it appears young Chris must be reading these comments too.

    And so, let me say to you Alexander: you are now a proven liar, the kind of liar who gets on TV and lies to the people who vote and pay for your lies. Shame. You seemed to hold promise; I guess we should really stop believing political publicity.

    Why don’t you come on here and refute some of the comments, once and for all? See it as an opportunity to use your best obfuscation techniques. Fair warning though: some of us read stuff that isn’t written by conservatives and their minions.

    And Evan Solomon: why not invite young Chris back to clarify, and have some research on hand to ask questions. It’s always fun when he gets all red-faced and smarmy-sarcastic when cornered with the truth.

    • You seemed to hold promise…

      Seems to me that he still holds promise. On this file, lying to the people of Canada is the stuff of Prime Ministers and Defence Ministers!

      Mr. Harper, PROMOTE THAT MAN!!!

    • nah, Evan just moves on to the next question on his prepared list.

      • You know what? Rosemary Barton is far more tenacious than Evan — plus she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She deserves to head up that program more than he does (I think she’s currently on a mat leave). But like Don Newman, who was indeed the epitome of the well-informed, tenacious yet gracious host, she does NOT let their answers stand if they are just talking points or pure BS.

  8. Get pinched, change direction and suddenly history is scrubbed and sanitized. Mr Alexander, the people are not nearly as stupid as you imagine.

  9. “Really though, since when do year-old quotes on an issue have more weight than a seven-point plan…?” He might as well have written, “Really though, since when do year-old quotes matter?”

  10. Aaron, Mr. Alexander merely meant to convey to you that the lies of the past are gone and forgotten, and he now wants you to concentrate on his brand new 7-point lie. This time he really really means it!