Comrade Fidel sends his regards -

Comrade Fidel sends his regards


In Cuba, he is known as the “eminent Stephen Harper” or, if you prefer a different translation, the “illustrious Stephen Harper.”


Comrade Fidel sends his regards

  1. The Granma translation of Castro’s words was titled: “Delirious Dreams”. The reference to delirium seems ill-advised when describing the words of a bedridden, ailing old man. Once again, shoddy translation yields unintentional irony.

  2. I like Eminent – Stevie doesn’t fit with Illustrious as it denotes a intellectual, Ivory tower, Grandiose sort of image wheareas Eminence there suggests nobility, station and dignity a tiny bit of humility = yeah works better,

    • It also brings to mind “eminence grise” as in the scheming power behind the throne. Problem is his is the throne but he prefers to scheme.