Reading over a draft of the magazine piece, I realized I had previously confused my historical rooms of Parliament that begin with the letter R.

In this column from Dec. 2, I placed the coalition signing in the Reading Room. In fact, the ceremonial signing took place in the Railway Room, the same-sized committee room located directly across the hall from the Reading Room.

My mistake.

(Rest assured the disputed Canadian flags were there, whichever room it was.)



  1. Yeah, whenever I play Monopoly, I also get the railways mixed up. Who was in the B&O room?

  2. AArn
    Well that puts a completely different complexion on things. Do you have any idea what your blunder has started?

  3. I love reading corrections like this one, involving minor errors that nobody cares about. They help reinforce the impression that the reporter in question *pays attention to detail*.

    Surely, the reporter’s broader assertions and assumptions must be correct! After all, he/she cares enough about trivial details to issue a public correction which is otherwise pointless!

  4. Critical Reasoning ,

    You ARE a critic — I’ll grant you that. B-B-But where is the reasoning? If yours is a three legged stool, it’s missing the “S”.

    It’s plane to me — you are a stud finder — why not find another place to hammer your point home? Or are you simply another hobbyist?

  5. archangel,

    I do not share your assessment of critical reasoning, but: well said! Nice word play.

  6. Archangel, I am indeed a hobbyist (I like to go against the grain). As you said, criticism is the hammer I use to drive my points home. Needless to say, when one’s only tool is a hammer, every blog posting looks like a nail.

    I don’t mind being criticized, especially if it’s done with wordplay and good humour (helps to smooth out the rough edges).

    Francien, thanks!

  7. Critical Reasoning,

    It takes a good blacksmith to wield a hammer properly — you’re doing fine.

    Your hobby is good. Mine is not so good sometimes. If I didn’t respect you, I wouldn’t poke you.

    But steel needs pokers to stir the fire — that’s my excuse.

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