Counting pages


During QP yesterday, Jim Flaherty ventured the following.

Mr. Speaker, we have had budget bills in this place, including under the previous Liberal government, that were many pages longer than this budget bill.

The budget bill tabled today measures something like 450 pages (depending on format). The longest budget bill I’ve found between 1994 and 2005 was 272 pages (though by the time that bill received Royal Assent it was 144 pages).

The Conservatives have moved larger budget bills before though: 900 pages in 2010 and 650 pages in 2011.


Counting pages

  1. Yep. Just like Republicans, facts don’t seem to factor in to these guys’ worldview… Sad times for our country

  2. They won’t govern at the whim of fact checkers. Their supports don’t care about facts anyway and given our electoral system (supported by our elites unto death) where 39% is a majority, why should they care?

    • They should care because Canadians are now made liars in the House and to the world, courtesy of Conservative elected representatives, whether one voted fot them or not.

  3. It’s like they are children who have just figured out what a lie is and revel in telling them because it’s new and exciting. But most children have grown out of that stage in far fewer years than the government has been in power.

  4. This seems to be an unwarranted attack on Flaherty. He simply misspoke slightly. All that happened was that he said “many pages longer” when he meant to say “many pages shorter”. It’s a ONE WORD DIFFERENCE for Pete’s sake! What’s the big deal???


  5. It ‘s good to know we have a FM who has a firm grasp of the concept of many.

    • I don’t think the problem is that he doesn’t understand what “many” means. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to understand the difference between “longer” and “shorter”!

      • Clearly he needs to make his pages much larger…’whadya mean it’s too long, just unroll the bloody thing, we put it all on one scoll for ya…bloody whining libs, never happy!’

  6. The speaker really needs a cattle prod or some method of delivering a mild electric shock for such obvious bending of the laws of physics and elapsed time. What does Flaherty think truth is, something that can be bent, like a mote of light, by the gravitational pull of some large dense object? Clearly he does.[ no prize for guessing what the large dense object might be]

  7. Aaron, have you sent a message off asking him (Ministry of Finance) to clarify exactly which budget bill he refers to?

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