Dean Del Mastro stands with Justin Bieber


The pop star might’ve been booed last night at the Grey Cup and his expressions of nationalism might be problematic, but Dean Del Mastro is proud of Justin Bieber.

I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber`s music but as a Canadian I am extremely proud of his global success. At last nights Grey Cup he gave a great performance that no doubt encouraged hundreds of thousands of more Canadians to tune in to what was a tremendous celebration of a Canadian tradition. I wish him all the success in the world; who knows maybe someday he can buy the Maple Leafs, who we both cheer for, and make them a winner too.


Dean Del Mastro stands with Justin Bieber

  1. At which point you’re hoping he’ll also be willing to provide kickbacks to the fans in exchange for laundering illegal donations, Dean?

  2. I think Dean looks at Justin the way Wile E Coyote looks at the roadrunner….visions of cooked bird on a platter…..and all the fixins…..cranberry sauce……gravy……hair gel……

    • But Wile E. Coyote was a genius, his mailbox said so . . . what’re you trying to tell us??

  3. Oh, how the weighty have fallen. From the glory days singing the praises of his ethical government -basking in mutual admiration with Paradis, Polievre, Penashue and Poutine – poor Deano has been reduced (in stature if not in size) to just another Beiber Booster. With an impassioned plea to Leave Justin ALONE! Del Mastro has become Canada’s answer to Chris Crocker.

    • “Paradis, Polievre, Penashue and Poutine”. Nice alliteration there. Sort of the Cons’ four horsemen of the apocalypse.

      • I do have a weakness for that alliteration. If you say the words aloud you even get the sensation that you are physically spitting out something foul, a piece of tobacco on your lips, or a bitter taste. .

      • More like four horsemen of the crapocalypse

    • That’s not a winning strategy for debate.

      • I wasn’t aware that there was a debate to be had. I’m afraid I haven’t any knowlege or experience of Mr. Bieber although I wish him well, of course. I think my opinion of Mr. Del Mastro is pretty clear from the context. If you want to debate about that, I’m game.

        • I should have worded that better, my point was you could have knocked the thoroughly sickening Del Mastro around with out mocking his weight.

          • That’s a fair point. I’m not exactly a male model myself. Mea Culpa.

  4. What’s this? Del Mastro endorsing the Biebs? Does Bieber have a hit titled “Carbon Tax Is Bad for the Universe”?

  5. The Cons are trying to suck up to the younger generation. Sad really, especially for Del Asstro. He’s likely hoping for a photo op, anything to get some positive publicity.

  6. Dean is right for once! Somebody take note! (I would’ve preferred The Sheepdogs, but there’s no denying Bieber’s popularity.)

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