Dewar on the environment


Paul Dewar wins the endorsement of Linda Duncan and releases his platform on energy and the environment, which includes cap-and-trade, the elimination of oil subsidies and a “green grid.”

Paul Dewar’s Greening the Grid Agenda would prioritize working with provincial and territorial governments to promote renewable energy innovation and development.  It will support regional interconnections that will enable the sharing of renewable energy sources, enhanced grid reliability and development of local green energy initiatives and the reduction of costs to consumers through enhanced grid efficiency and the avoidance of unnecessary new generation.

Paul Dewar aims to build a truly “smart” electricity system that will leverage Canada’s existing knowledge of electricity systems to make our country a green innovation leader.  The green grid is the backbone Canada will need to spur the development of a green economy in areas such as new renewable energy, energy efficiency, electricity system management, and green vehicles.


Dewar on the environment

  1. Sounds like cloud cuckoo land all over again. Someone could tell him that Ontario has already been there.  

  2. My face feels green after reading this, lol!

    Yep, lets get Quebec to share their cheap NL hydro with all the other provinces at cost before selling to the US, lol!

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