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The House will spend today debating the following NDP motion.

That, in the opinion of this House, the government should: (a) take immediate action to promote job creation and address the persistently high unemployment rate among Canadian workers, particularly high among young Canadians, in the context of the International Monetary Fund prediction of yet higher unemployment rates in the future unless swift action is taken; (b) take immediate action to ensure all Canadians can rely on a stable and guaranteed pension as they plan their retirement in a period of record household debt and declining stock markets; (c) take immediate action to fix the crumbling infrastructure essential to our economy and the security of Canadians; and (d) maintain the full public sector contribution to the Canadian economy so as to take advantage of low interest rates, undertake strategic public investments, increase Canada’s competitiveness, avert another serious recession and create jobs in Canada.


Do something

  1. Is that all NDP expect? Whenever hear NDP and their demands, I often wonder if they think Harper is superhero who can magically change world. 

    Green Lantern ~ In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight!

    Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

  2. A very good motion…..which will go nowhere.

    • It’s a useless motion because it calls on the government to address all sorts of pretty much common sense goals without any sort of idea for implementation, success measurement, or even timeline other than immediate.

      It’s the kind of motion the CPC can happily vote for and then simply point to the EA!P and say, “Not only did we do it immediately, we were on it before you guys even thought of it.”

      Hell, were I the CPC QP strategist, I’d suggest that they have one CPC guy stand up and go, “Mr. Speaker, we look on this motion as a motion to continue breathing. This government has been actively doing everything this motion asks for through our Economic Action! Plan for the four months since the election that it took the NDP to come up with it. As such, to help prevent the NDP from wasting even more time on this issue, this government will immediately close this debate and vote in the affirmative.”

      • If they were ‘common sense’ goals they’d be underway…and they’re not.

        • By whose criteria are they not underway? That’s the problem with the motion.  By CPC criteria, and perhaps by that of Tony, since his connection with reality is pretty tenuous as well, they already are.

          • Ask the FCM if our infrastructure is being repaired

            Ask anyone if their pensions are being fixed, or if jobs are being created.

      • I agree with Thwim — this motion could have been a lot punchier and more effective if it had a lot more specific detail in it.  As it is, it’s a motherhood statement.  I know these are a bunch of sound-bite themes that the NDP wants to hammer away at, so I guess it’s just politics.

        E.g., I’d love to see the NDP map out exactly how much additional money they think should be spent — right down to the last nickel — and exactly on what programs and projects.  Then they’d look like The Man with The Plan.

  3. Dear Santa………

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