Do the evolution (III) -

Do the evolution (III)


Interviewed on the political chat show that’s named after a hockey term, Gary Goodyear has confirmed his belief in evolution. Sort of.

Jane Taber: So you do believe in evolution. You believe in the theory of evolution. Let’s just get this off the table right now.

Gary Goodyear: We are evolving, every year, every decade. That’s a fact. Whether it’s to the intensity of the sun, whether it’s to, as a chiropractor, walking on cement versus anything else, whether it’s running shoes or high heels, of course, we are evolving to our environment. But that’s not relevant. And that’s why I refused to answer the question. The interview was about our science and tech strategy, which is strong…

From a couple offices over, Wells argues that this is positively Lamarckian (see here, here or here).

Full interview with Goodyear here.


Do the evolution (III)

  1. Well said Gary – go get him guy (I love alliteration)

  2. For everyone else squinting at that quote, he did *not* confirm a belief in the theory of evolution.

    Did he sell used cars before he started as a chiropractor?

  3. “Whether it’s to the intensity of the sun, whether it’s to, as a chiropractor, walking on cement versus anything else, whether it’s running shoes or high heels, of course, we are evolving to our environment.”

    He’s quite right. These days you see more and more chiropractors walking around in high heels across fresh cement in bright sunlight. Cf. Rev. 9.22.

  4. Does he know what the theory of evolution is? It is not changing your shoes, as he suggests.

  5. Don’t tell Paul that Lamarck may not have been entirely wrong.

    (Regardless, he didn’t answer the question as TJ has already pointed out.)

    • “Don’t tell Paul that Lamarck may not have been entirely wrong.”

      And don’t tell all those velociraptors that walked with Jesus and thought they had a minister that would finally stick up for them.

  6. MEMO
    To: PMSH
    From: A former supporter
    Date: March 17, 2009
    Subject: Your imminent cabinet shuffle
    Text: Assuming you can see why from this interview, not caring if you can’t, but yank this one, Prime Minister. GG has got to go. There is now more than enough to protect you against charges you’re dumping him for his religion. You’re not. You’re dumping him because he just doesn’t know the basics of the subject matter in his file. The barely-suppressed snickering at every meeting he attends (and every interview the media sharks will seek with blood in the water) will be unbearable. When, after a few minutes you’re still not sure who the patsy in the room is…

    • Noooo! Don’t let Harper can him. I want to see our science minister walk in high heels across wet cement. I think he said he would evolve to doing that.

      • LMAO!

  7. Now, I am not an expert in evolution or any sort of science but walking on cement wouldn’t cause humans to evolve unless it caused us to mate with different people or to die before we could pass on our genes or somehow affected natural selection, no? So not only does he not believe in evolution (which one can, I guess, argue is a religious choice) but he doesn’t understand how evolution works.

  8. Worst answer possible. Anything bad that happens now he brought on himself.

  9. So, we have a minister who not only doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “religious, ” but who also doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “evolution.”


  10. Calm down, there is epigenetics. I don’t think he is referring to that though, but just keep it in mind, when you are defining genetics.

  11. This is called digging yourself into a bigger hole… we all should be embarassed that this man is in charge of our Science and Technology funding.

  12. Wow. He went from not believing in evolution, to believing it’s happening constantly, every moment of every day. That we can pass down environmentally acquired traits (like the ability to walk on cement?!?!?) to our ancestors!!!

    Now he’s got trouble. Not believing in the theory of evolution is one thing. Not having even a basic understanding of what the theory of evolution is? That’s quite another.

    • Are you saying that Gary Goodyear evolved from monkeys?!?!? The nerve, Sir, the nerve.

      • Impossible. Never, not ever, have I seen monkeys walk across wet concrete in high heels.

    • Apparently, it is common for young-earthers to talk about “microevolution” – changes which occur over a few generations – as a way of dodging the question about evolution. So Goodyear gave the standard young-earther response.

      Well….the high heels and walking on cement were an unusual twist. I don’t think all young-earthers throw those in.

      • It’s true. When Japanese or South Korean children post ww2 noticed that the more nutritional food was on the higher shelves, they grew taller than their parents, on average, so they could reach it.

        • LOL

  13. Does Harper not have a little chat with these poor misguided souls when he appoints them to Cabinet to let them know a little about their portfolio so they don’t make utter fools of themselves in public? (rhetorical)

    • After Harper gave the spiel on how he’s good at economics, any possible correlation between knowledge and cabinet posts went out the window, walked in high heels across concrete, and then flagged the first cab out of town.

      • LOL!

  14. I wonder if Goodyear applied his evolutionary theories to his chiropractic profession.

    “OK, ma’am, with these podiatric shoes and biweekly massages from my magic hands, your spinal cord will evolve into a more comfortable position.”

    • In an evolutionary sense, would the advice not be more like “OK, ma’am, with these podiatric shoes and biweekly massages from my magic hands your ANCESTORS spines will be more comfortable”.


      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you mean descendants. Else, LOL.

        • No, he was doing an imitation of Goodyear.

  15. Anyone care to speculate how the conversation between our post evolutionary sciency guy and their Nobel lauriate sciency guy will go?

    GG:”…yes, evoluton eh…lemme see…are you sure that’s still current”?
    Mr C:”No, no… not if you say so! Nice weather we’re having for this time of the year? Oh look at that, where does the time go – gotta fly”!