Do the evolution (IV)


Dan Gardner, who must be having quite the day, responds to Gary Goodyear.

Apparently, the problem here is not merely that the minister of science does not accept the veracity of a basic scientific fact. It’s that he doesn’t have a clue what that scientific fact is.

He also has some words for Radwanski.


Do the evolution (IV)

  1. Couldn’t agree with Gardner more and am not impressed that certain members of the press assume that a person uttering ‘evolution’ means said utterer believes in the theory of evolution.

  2. Amen. Dan Gardner is spot on.

  3. “So what if the health minister doesn’t believe HIV causes AIDS and the public security minister thinks 9/11 was an inside job”

    This is Gardner’s little joke right…not serious…right?

    • At this point I think he’s fine with making defamatory statements in aid of ridiculous hyperbole. After all, he hates them, so his hatred must be justified, right?

  4. Chiropractors.

    Walking in wet cement. In high heels. In our cities.

    We’re not making this up.

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