Do unto others


Apparently invoking the sponsorship scandal as a comparison, the Liberals are pressing the Conservatives to allow a committee investigation into the G8 Legacy Fund to proceed. Despite holding a majority of seats at the time, Liberal members did allow the public accounts committee to investigate Adscam in 2004: 47 meetings were held over a period of four months and 44 witnesses testified. Alas, the Liberal members brought a halt to the proceedings in May of that year, shortly before an election was called. This greatly disappointed a young idealist by the name of Jason Kenney.

The Liberals “used their hammer to shut down the only inquiry in town,” said Kenney. “The truth is that this represents a coverup,” said Kenney. “This represents a clear effort by the prime minister to stop difficult questions from being asked days before an election about a huge Liberal scandal involving the theft of millions of tax dollars.”


Do unto others

  1. For the Harper Conservatives’ reaction to this please see Gerry Ritz’s reaction to the vote in favour of keeping the Canadian Wheat Board.

  2. But…but… but… they did it first! 

  3. The Conservatives received a strong mandate from the people of Canada not to investigate Conservative shenanigans.

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