Does immigration reduce crime?


Rachel Giese considers a possible connection between increased immigration and decreased crime.

In Canada, an overall drop in crime has paralleled the upsurge in non-European immigration since Pierre Trudeau championed multiculturalism in the 1970s. Half of Toronto’s population now consists of those born outside Canada; notably, the city’s crime rate has dropped by 50 percent since 1991, and is significantly lower than that of the country as a whole. Could it be that immigrants are making us all safer?

… Statistics Canada has now released findings from a spatial analysis of crime data in Canadian cities that suggest the percentage of recent immigrants in various regions of Toronto and Montreal is inversely proportional to all types of violent crime; in the latter case, it concluded that while various socio-economic factors increase crime, “the proportion of recent immigrants lowers the violent crime rate; it acts as a protective factor.”


Does immigration reduce crime?

  1. much like “concealed carry reduces crime” arguments, it’s probably one of those correlation =/= causation thingies.

    • I think you are ignoring the obvious. Luxembourg has long had one of the lowest crime rates in the world. How do they possibly maintain that: clearly they export their criminals. When Canada stopped accepting this nefarious import, our rate of crime dropped dramatically. I believe the ex-pat Lux’s are now running the drug trade in Mexico.

  2. Tsk….now you’ve gone and ruined the whole ‘foreign gangsters’ narrative.

  3. I would have to agree with your point that a very, very, small percentage of immigrants or children of immigrants are involved with violent crime.
    Most immigrants are much too busy and industrious taking advantage of their good fortune in choosing Canada and Canada accepting them to even think about buying illegal guns, getting involved in the drug trade and shooting up backyard barbecues.
    But you all knew that anyway, didn`t you —but it just suits your progressive hypocrisy better if you ignore the real problem and chase some irrelevant stats.

  4. So Christopher Husbands, Nahom Tsegazab, and the Shower Posse, Fresh Off the Boats/FOB-Killers, and Somali, Vietnamese, etc. gangs are nice, law-abiding folks, then? Back in pre-Trudeaupian days–when Canadians could buy MACHINE GUNS without permits–bystander-popping shootouts in malls, and at barbecues were unheard of.

    Stats Can conveniently left certain things out of its analysis. For example, certain drug-related convictions. And then, there are serious white-collar crimes, like real estate money laundering and mortgage fraud, which have INCREASED, but again, have been skipped in this analysis. ‘Statistics,’ here, really are less credible than ‘lies and damned lies,’ when data is purposefully omitted to reach a particular conclusion. This study is merely hogwash, intended to shore up declining support for mass immigration, which is highly desired by the financial and real estate lobbies. Here are some examples of how mass immigration has reduc_…um, INCREASED criminality:

    • It is explicitly stated that it’s a relationship between immigration and VIOLENT CRIME that is being studied, so how is it a lie to leave out nonviolent crimes? Get a grip.
      Also, your examples of immigrant-based crime cannot suggest whether immigration increases or decreases crime on the whole.

      • Again, I’m not sure how Stats Can is gathering data, when there has been escalating gang and gun crime, largely tied to third world gangs (Shower Posse, FOBs). I guess those Afro-Caribbean barbecue shootings and Vietnamese restaurant whackings never happened, then?

    • Everyone in Canada is an immigrant… you might want to stop with the silliness.

      You can also chill on the Trudeau stuff too, as he didn’t ban guns

      And here’s a thought….we’ve had Fenians and the Irish Mob, Italians and the Mafia, Chinese Tongs, Vietnamese Triads etc….and we’ve gotten past them….eventually they all integrate and go legit….so why are you worried about…, whatever colour you’re worried about

      Canadians like immigration btw…..and our country needs them.

  5. A textbook example of confusing correlation with cause and effect. I doubt that any rise or drop in our crime rates has had much to do with immigration one way or another. I expect that the far more important factor has been the aging of our population since the baby boomers started aging in a big way — note that in 1991, a tail-end boomer would have been 26 years old. One of the biggest drivers of crime stats is how many young males are around (especially unemployed ones). For the last 2-3 decades, Canada has been aging and has had, by historical Canadian standards, relatively low unemployment.
    It is true, though, that because our economy has done a half-decent job overall at creating jobs and growth, it has been able to “absorb” immigrants into the workforce — which of course would have a positive effect on the crime rate.