‘Does this help us know you?’


Rounding out his weekend, Michael Ignatieff talks to CBC.ca and CBC Radio 1. The latter, as a commenter here noted earlier, is particularly worth reviewing.


‘Does this help us know you?’

  1. I see not much has changed on Aaron’s blog, all Iggy, all the time.

    I think Aaron’s taken over from Kady as the biggest Liberal booster on this blog, which is no mean feat.

    • Aaron, I am truly upset at your shift to the right. How come we never hear about Justin anymore?

  2. CPC trolls are out in full speed I see. What is it that they can’t accept or tolerate discussions on anything except something positive about Harper.

    Considering all the photos, photo-ops and stuff written about Harper they’d like a change.

    Jealousy is such a bad problem.

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