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Due course


A week ago, when Derek Lee, Jack Harris and Claude Bachand raised their questions of privilege, Tom Lukiwski advised the House that “the government will want to respond in greater detail to these points.” Mr. Lukiwski apparently again promised today a “more fulsome response” to come.

A check with the Speaker’s office yesterday to determine when that response was expected was referred to the government House Leader’s office. A check with the House Leader’s office today was referred to the Justice Minister’s office. The response from the Justice Minister’s office is as follows.

The Government will be responding in due course.


Due course

  1. I wonder what the government's end-game is — call a snap election? Prorogue the house again? Because they can't possibly keep this up until June when the House rises.

    • Delay, prorogue, delay, delay, call an election.

    • i wouldn't bet against it….

  2. I'm glad to see the Cons are at least using fulsome correctly.

    • Yes, under its original definition "fulsome" is not a synonym for "abundent", but something more like "excessive to the point offense or bad taste". Fitting

  3. The contempt continues.

  4. Never underestimate the power of idle threats. Especially when trucked out by unethical drones with a track record of backroom skullduggery…