Dueling rants: Mercer on Ignatieff


From this week’s episode.


Dueling rants: Mercer on Ignatieff

  1. Thanks to whichever admin cleaned that mess up. It was like watching a car wreck….horrible, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

  2. Poof!

    Iggy has lots of (old) policy. Invade Iraq! Fluff Quebec! Build 50 ft statue in own image!

    What is his hidden agenda?

  3. Ahhh, its much nicer in here now.

    I found Mercer’s rant interesting last night. I agree they will have to bring there policy forward soon. However knowing how this government operates (ie not even putting out there policies until half way through a campaign, after the debates!) I also would be tempted to wait a little longer.

  4. Very interesting how Mercer is actually being non-biased and going after both leaders.
    Good for him.

  5. We can only hope that all will be revealed in the fullness of time…or an election campaign.

  6. I see you’ve both claimed victory and I’m offering up a decision…….. Jack Mitchell by a flanhole and a half.
    Mr. Fail, I suggest you re-read the text of your conversation with Jack and after you come to the same conclusion you already have assumed (that your views are correct) you get an impartial person (an NDP’er?) to break it down for you. You may be proud of the dialogue you craft but you are still wrong, quick with a good vocabulary – but nonetheless wrong. Mercer doesnt need to be declare hes gay to bash anything that can be mocked succesfully for ratings. Also, Mitchell never stated support for leaving the immigrants, he also clearly stated he is not a public sector employee – no matter how boldly you assert he is lying about that. And your cyncial take that the CBC must be working against the CPC is pathetic. Enough with media is liberal schtick, the media is simply more informed in general and in tune with the way the world has changed.

    Your obsession with smaller govt and the simplified code and attitudes of the stereotype mid 20th century straight hardworking man – dont work for a 21st century Western nation. You need to grow and change, not recoil and blame. And no matter how much you spout, the elctorate will continue sliding left and eventually (rather soon I suspect) their votes will converge mainly on one party, sending you and yours back to the role of a minority in parliament as well.

  7. I have to say, trolls can be annoying, and random, and go totally off topic and hijack a thread, but I’m not entirely convinced anything LAF said really rose to the level of “banishment worthy” (and I’d be interested to hear Jack’s comments on that). Suggesting that Mercer only disagrees with the Tories because of his sexual orientation, and some of the other stuff was clearly approaching a line, and some of the comments went wildly off-topic.

    I’m just not 100% sure that “Poof!” was the correct response.

    If you just don’t feed the trolls, eventually they’ll go away.

    • I don’t know about that. His comment towards a certain female poster were beyond the line. He is the main reason that many of us use our surnames rather than our first. Lest we be picked on for being (gasp) female.

      • Ah,

        I may well have missed a comment just before the “poof!”, so thanks for that.

        I should immediately re-word my initial comment to “I’m not entirely convinced anything LAF said THAT I READ really rose to the level of ‘banishment worthy'”.

        • Anytime.

  8. Whoa – I’m being “moderated” for the above comment?
    I have a respect for Jack – who has a record for (and usually succeeds in) making rationale arguments…
    The counter arguments in that dialogue were just silly….which conclusion both you (by your deletion of the dialogue) and the balance of readers appear to agree with…

  9. Look for Stephen Harper. Found him ? Good. Now look for his shadow. Don’t adjust your set. That’s right , there’s two shadows. The one with the gunslinger pose … that’s Ignatieff. All is good.

  10. I don’t mind having a silly old flamewar deleted (though I suspect the guy, whose nick I’ve already forgotten, was banned for other reasons, as Douglass said; I only saw his offensive comments about Ms. Dhalla, but the man was capable of anything). Thank you, Maclean’s, for maintaining an oasis of sanity & respect in the Canadian blogosphere. For my part, this is the last time I engage random, not-quite-sane trolls in Socratic Dialogue.

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