Duffy-Wright: ‘Oh my… it never ends’

Why did it take four days for Nigel Wright to resign?


CBC Saskatchewan talks to Senator David Tkachuk. The Senate rebuffs a request from Global for more information on Mike Duffy’s expenses. The CBC finds that Mr. Duffy once wanted to be a cabinet minister. The Hill Times delves into Mr. Duffy’s campaign expenses. And a poll finds only 13% believe the Prime Minister didn’t know about Mr. Wright’s gift.

Meanwhile, Colin Horgan parses the timeline of Mr. Wright’s disclosure and resignation.

Yet, if we accept the prime minister’s timeline, there is no reason for him to know the answers to any of those questions. He was not in the loop, after all, according to him. That leaves one question for him, and it is this: Why, on learning of Wright’s payment on May 15 – something which Harper has of late denounced in increasingly strong terms – did he not fire him right away? Why did Wright’s resignation not come until May 19?

… The problem the prime minister has now is that there are all kinds of other facts. Facts he, or those close to him, know. Facts like the reasons why Wright lasted four days in his position after Harper discovered what had occurred. Facts like why Conservative insiders were apparently telling John Ibbitson that Harper fought to keep Wright in his job.


Duffy-Wright: ‘Oh my… it never ends’

  1. leos need to star making arrests. This is getting pathetic!

    • Babble on my friend! While you’re at it: check your spelling! LOL

      • I’d take his spelling over Con arithmetic.

        • Tell us something new, for an ex-change!

          • Yeah, you’re right…Con arithmetic has been faulty for a long time now.

  2. Have the Conservatives found a way to make money off this yet?

    • Yes, they have. Apparently double dipping is now acceptable.

      Duffy triple dips=wrong (and it is!)

      Justin double dips=right (just because Justin thinks it should be).

      ALL MP’s will now be encouraged to go do some double dipping; giving speeches for some extra cash while being on an MP salary!

      Win-win for all (except the school, universities and libraries who will fork over the $20,000 @ pop to listen to those speeches coming from MP’s).

      • Right, cuz we know how much those institutions are just dying to hear from Tony or PP or any of the other Harrisites. None of whom would raise a penny at a fund raiser – which is what many of JT’s speeches were; those institutions, at least in some cases made money or broke even.
        But thanks for confirming you are a CPC troll.

        • Duffy does fundraising while on senate salary.

          Justin was fundraising alright when on MP salary. Fundraising for himself. Justin stuffed a total of $277,000 into his own pockets while delivering his speeches WHILE he was getting paid to sit as an MP.

          Justin soooo godgodgodgooooooood! $277,000 for Justin as extra cash! Sooooo goood.

          • Where exactly is your proof of this allegation against JT? Why is it the Con-bots fire back with insults to other parties? Why can’t they just admit that their party is just as corrupt as any other political group? The difference is clear between JT and Duffy. JT is a leader of a political party, so his speeches actually warrants attention, whereas Duffy is an insignificant little worm who was skimming money off of taxpayers, got caught, and begged his fellow Conservatives to bail him out. I have a huge problem believing Harper knew nothing about this at all. Harper is completely responsible for what Duffy has done regardless of his knowledge about this payment, because it was Harper who appointed this butthead to the senate in the first place. It’s a simple game of “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.” What happened to Harper’s campaign promise for elected senators? When he gets into power, he changes his mind because he’s trying to force his own agenda, which he constantly accused the Liberals of doing all the time too. I’m not saying the Liberals are innocent, but don’t pretend that the Cons are either. Personally, I can’t stand either party.

          • Personally, I can’t stand corruption wherever I see it!

          • Then why aren’t you actively campaigning to oust Harper? Or Clement? Or Del Mastro? Toews? Or….

          • Why would I campaign to oust Harper?

            Harper hasn’t double dipped by giving speeches for good cash when he was on an MP salary!

          • Because you said: “I can’t stand corruption wherever I see it!”

            Presumably, then, you can only see it when the perpetrator is NOT a member of the CPC. Pretty selective eyesight, if you ask me…

          • You keep presuming all you like.

            I don’t have to be presumptuous. I cannot stand corruption wherever I see it!

          • So I guess you didn’t vote for your double-dipping MP, Kevin Sorenson.

          • Keep guessing Lenny. That’s what you do best.

            And thank you for reading my posts.

          • You’re right. There are two possibilities. You either voted for a corrupt “double-dipping” Conservative MP, or you didn’t vote Conservative at all.

          • And around we go in circles…

            Clearly, you have a serious eye problem if you see no corruption in the CPC party. How many former PMO staff have been charged so far for various crimes? How many party members have been charged, convicted or forced to step aside? Which party was convicted under the Elections Act for illegal practices?

            And you see none of this?

          • Who says that I don’t see the CPC corruption?

            I have not said that I don’t see it!

            Investigate them all, is my motto!

            I can give you a list of the NDP’s wrongdoings. And I can also ask why Dion was given special treatment by EC for not having to pay off HIS loan for the Liberal leadership race within two years, as the EC rules clearly state.

            Let’s make the lists as long as we can. But don’t keep coming with just an CPC list of wrongdoing, because the more one-sided you become, the more votes Harper will reap!

            Stop sowing a crop you don’t want to harvest!

          • Why are you over at the NP comments still claiming it’s “OK when Justin does it,” when your own Conservative MP is making money on the side? Why the endless posts about Trudeau and not a word about your own MP?

          • Ah, you are following me around.

            Must be something special if you start following me around.

            Thank you for reading my posts.

            PS: I would post on the CBC website, but can’t get in overthere. Somehow the CBC likes to block posters wanting to state the obvious truths.

          • She is a hypocrite of the highest order?

          • You’re campaigning to oust your double dipping MP, Kevin Sorenson.
            Is that right?

          • Blinders. Francien has them on all three of her eyes.

          • Thank you for reading my posts.

          • Don’t fool yourself any more than you obviously already have. Reading your posts does not indicate any form of endorsement. Rather, they are a source of amusement that one lone loon can spin her own delusions into some sort of Harper fetish. The very fact that you still defend him is mind boggling. Your trivialization of real issues and your dogged attempts to create others that are non-existent only makes you a ridiculous example of how far people will go to defend the indefensible. Kind of like the Ford brothers.

          • Time will tell who the real fools are!

            I am patient enough. Patience is a virtue, you know!

            In the meantime, let’s do some more reading:


            “On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned
            $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform initiative.”

            “On Jan. 31, 2009, MPs debated and voted on changes to employment insurance benefits. There is no record Trudeau voted on that initiative or participated in the day’s proceedings. But he did give a speech that day to the Toronto-based group, The Learning Partnership, for which he was paid $10,000”

            Justin, where art thou now?

          • Francien is very concerned with MPs earning money outside of their MP salaries. So what does she do when her Conservative MP operates multiple business while collecting his MP salary?

            She shuts up and votes for him, of course!

          • Yeah well I think it is pretty obvious that Francien isn’t the model of integrity. Anyone who could spend entire days defending the people who have worked so hard to destroy our democratic institutions and use them for their own gain, likely has serious social issues. I think she may have alienated everyone in her real world, so now spends her time trolling for feedback. She thinks it is an honour that people respond to her comments. Desperately seeking attention and the only way she can get it is by being outrageous. Kind of sad, actually.

          • This is sad: Justin Trudeau skipping the sitting sessions of the House to go get some extra cash for giving speeches which all other MP’s would consider part of their MP duties.

            A man like Justin Trudeau, having inherited a huge trust account from his father’s estate,still needs to skip the House to go give speeches for a fee while getting paid an MP salary!

            SAD SAD


            “On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned
            $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform initiative.”

            “On Jan. 31, 2009, MPs debated and voted on changes to employment insurance benefits. There is no record Trudeau voted on that initiative or participated in the day’s proceedings. But he did give a speech that day to the Toronto-based group, The Learning Partnership, for which he was paid $10,000”

          • Why was “double-dipping” Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson missing votes in the house? Was he attending to farm or auction business? Who knows, he won’t tell us. That’s OK, he’s got Francien’s vote!

          • Kevin Sorensen does not skip the House to deliver speeches for a fee, speeches about the environment, youth and education, speeches any other MP would consider part of their MP duty!

            Kevin Sorenson rents out his land or has his land custom farmed while he is a sitting MP on salary. Kevin Sorensen does not fly back to Alberta to attend to his other business. When Kevin Sorensen entered into politics, he made sure that his farm business is being looked after by others!

            But Justin did the opposite: Justin SKIPPED the House to go and attend to his speeches, for a fee!


            “On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned
            $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform initiative.”

            “On Jan. 31, 2009, MPs debated and voted on changes to employment insurance benefits. There is no record Trudeau voted on that initiative or participated in the day’s proceedings. But he did give a speech that day to the Toronto-based group, The Learning Partnership, for which he was paid $10,000”

          • Previously, Francien was telling us that anyone earning money outside of their MP salary was “double-dipping”. Of course, when she learned her Conservative MP was doing just that, she need to move the goalpost to make it OK for her MP, but still bad for a Liberal. Voila!
            Unfortunately, unlike Trudeau, Kevin Sorenson hasn’t disclosed how much he earns from his “double-dipping” or if he’s flying back to Alberta and attending to his other work when he missed votes in the house. That won’t stop Francien from filling in the blanks from her imagination though.

          • This is pretty hilarious. This is the BEST you can come up with? Holy crap Francien, if you’re going to spend all day posting drivel, you might at least find something with a bit of meat. I think a 6th grader could come up with something more relevant and interesting.

          • Did Justin Trudeau tell the ethics commissioner that he would skip sitting sessions of the House in order for him to go out and make some serious cash on the side by giving speeches to Literacy for LIfe in Saskatoon?

            Did he tell the ethics commissioner THAT?

          • Take it up with the ethics commissioner if you’re so concerned that the rules are too lax.( maybe they are?) But I hope you’re not saying the govt has sole ownership or proprietorial rights to the celebrity status of any mp? Should Garneau be forced to give speeches to schools gratis? Should Dryden have given free hockey seminars upon request every where he went? Is it really a part of theirs jobs outside of their ridings?

          • So you DO think that it is ok to be on an MP salary and then charge schools and universities and libraries EXTRA cash to stuff into the MP’s private pockets?

            At least we know now where you stand on the issue of double dipping: Good for some, not so good for others!

            Is being an MP on salary not the same as giving speeches to schools, universities and libraries across this country? Does Justin, when he speaks about the environment, speak differently during his paid for speeches than he does when he speaks as a paid MP? Please do tell!

          • You shouldn’t use words you are not qualified to use …like understand,extra and we.
            I’m not going to explain, to someone who is too idle or partisan, to check the EC’s ruling on what constitutes an mps parliamentary duties and what may fall into the private domain.
            My own view is if a a public institution like a school should not be on the losing end of a deal involving a member of Parliament.However, schools do this all the time – inviting so called experts to come and speak to them at often exorbitant rates. This is entirely a matter for the school trustees, boards of regional supervisors to sort out…not the federal govt, as any good liberatarian should know. If you don’t want your school doing it, complain and lobby them. No one forced them to invite anyone, not least JT. OTOH there are no rules that can compel a member to give speeches gratis, that are outside of the current rules. I wouldn’t be least surprised if JT did give a number of those speeches gratis if or when asked. That fact would not have made it on to any list. Nor would it have made the slightest bit of difference to someone like you if it did.
            The optics aren’t all that good for JT on this one, and that may well play badly with the public generally come election time, regardless of the facts;Luckily not every member of the public is as dense or partisan as you appear to be.

          • You don’t have to explain anything to me! I understand what is going on. I do understand why Coyne or Aaron Wherry won’t discuss Justin’s speech giving for cash while being on an MP salary.

            Coyne said on At Issue on Tuesday that what is not being talked about is often the most damaging. I agree with Coyne on that one. If Coyne or Aaron would talk about Justin’s pracice of giving speeches for cash while getting paid an MP salary, it would be the end for Justin. Coyne and Aaron Wherry will not mention Justin’s double dipping. Not a chance! Not a chance!

            They both will keep quiet about it as long as they can help it and they are helping it! Actively not talking about Justin’s double dipping practice. That does not have to be explained to me by anyone!

          • Correction. Coyne has said this on May 21, Sunday night, not Tuesday night!

          • You’re mistaking the merely rational for the partisan…common mistake for those who only practice the one.

          • I don’t think you know me very well.

            In fact, I am certain you do not know me very well.

          • You obviously think it’s OK – you voted for double-dipping Conservative MP, Kevin Sorenson.

          • Kevin Sorenson is not double dipping. He does not skip the House to go give speeches for a fee. MP’s consider giving speeches to be part of their duty.

            Kevin Sorenson does not skip the House to go tend to his farm duties. He hired someone to do the farming for him. And that hiring of someone does not come out of the taxpayer’s dollars but out of Kevin Sorenson’s own private pockets.

          • Good job moving the goalposts! Previously, Francien told us earning money outside of an MP was “double-dipping”. When it was pointed out that the Conservative MP she votes for “double-dips” it took her a while, but she found a way to make it OK. Apparently if you earning a living speaking, you can no longer do so as an MP. But if you do so farming and running an auction business, no problem!
            Why has Kevin Sorenson missed votes in the house? Was he attending to farm or auction business? Who knows! Unlike Trudeau he hasn’t voluntarily disclosed the details of his “double-dipping”.

          • Whether Garneau, Dryden, etc should be *forced* to not charge for speeches to schools is a reasonable question. However, how can you not agree that a suitably public spirited individual would not want to charge schools for speeches? IMO, there is something unseemly about a MP making a personal buck off of a public school or public university, even if it is allowed under the rules.

            [Rather off-topic from the ever entertaining Duffygate, but what the heck]

          • I agree it doesn’t “look” good. But i don’t think you can just retroactively invent a special category for JT; nor is it his job to say what the rules should be. I just think he did enough to cover himself by running this by the EC before he set out; was that enough, i can’t say?
            You might be shocked to know just how un-publically spirited folks are who make their living giving speeches to our schools. I’m appalled at some of the crap they pay for, and at what the average per diem can work out to.[ $1000 per day or 5 grand a week is pretty average. It probably gets worse in the bigger centres?]
            Luring idiots like me away from the object of the discussion is FV’s only gift as far as i can tell.

          • My gift is to speak the truth I see around.

            Justin did charge the schools and universities and the libraries a hefty fee for delivering a speech WHILE being paid as an MP besides.

            You trying to avoid the truth I tell by not confronting me in an honest manner, is your style of dealing with problem solving.

            What are you so afraid of?

          • I like how you’re now actively calling Harper bad and Justin good. It’s obvious you really, deep in your heart, want Justin to win and Harper reduced to the dustbin of history.

            You talking about “truth” is about as honest and relevant as Harper talking about “accountability.”

          • Oh, EmilyOne, how you love to talk to me!

            Thank you once again for reading my posts!

          • Are you a paid operative, volunteer or employee of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Privy Council Office or the Treasury Board?

            Answer the question, failing to do so indicates that you indeed are.

          • Idiots, my dear lady! That’s my fear, that idiots like you win the day far too often, even in a democracy like ours.

          • I have won the day? That’s good to hear.

            You think only Mulcair can ask relevant questions?


          • Paying Andrew Coyne $500 per sitting out of tax payers dollars for commenting a few minutes on CBC At Issue, to spout nothing more than some repeated talking points is appalling! Shocking, in fact!

          • Right, and if they were paying Levant or Gunter you’d be saying it was well worth it. Coyne is a national treasure. Not because he’s right all the time. But because he says what he really thinks without fear or favour. I’m not at all surprised you dislike him.

          • Except that he conveniently forgets to mention, time and time again when given the opportunity to do so, that Justin DID charge some hefty fees for giving speeches while being on the MP payroll.

            And Coyne has not dared to explain that a big part of this corruption scandal is about politicians in general, in that many Liberals are actively involved in this scandal as well!

            Will Coyne want to find out if Liberal Mac Harb will eventually claim his lawyer costs to his senate expense account? Will Coyne even want to know?

            Yes, Coyne may have been a national (Post) treasure at one point in time, but long gone are the day when Coyne had something interesting to say.

            Coyne has now joined the chess playing group, because trying to play chess is too complicated for the likes of Andrew Coyne. Coyne cannot see beyond the daily headlines for repeating the repeats. Either that, or he has decided to no longer look beyond the petty!

            Checkers is it then!

          • The Sun News is a PRIVATE news outlet. The CBC is NOT!

          • The scandal is party about the practice of giving speeches for fundraising while being paid as a politician!

            Justin was an MP when he collected a total of $227,000 in cash to stuff into his own future campaign fund. He did do that while being an MP!!!

          • The issue isn’t the CPC paying Duffy. Nor is it Duffy receiving his Senate salary while doing work for the CPC.
            The issue is Duffy charging his expenses to taxpayers for work he’s doing for the CPC.

            This isn’t difficult.

          • And when was Justin investigated as to his private speaking functions and his public expense accounts?

            On whose expense did Justin travel back and forth to these private speaking engagements while being paid an MP salary?

            No investigation for Justin. Just trust Justin. HAHAHA.

            That’ll be the day!

          • Has your MP, Kevin Sorenson, been investigated as to his private auction business and his private farming business and his public expense accounts?

            On whose expense did Kevin travel back and forth to the private auction and farming engagements while be paid an MP salary?

            No investigation for Kevin. Just trust Kevin. HAHAHA.

            That’ll be the day!

          • Investigate all of them! I have said it before and I will say it again, so you will hopefully remember it:

            Investigate them ALL.

          • That’s why you’ve repeated Trudeau’s name more than 20 times on this thread alone to the exclusion of all others.

          • The Star editorial board and the Globe&Mail editorial board are sitting in a tree while Aaron Wherry watches from afar:

            Says The Star EB: “We have served the interest of the people best.”

            Responds the G&M EB:” No, you haven’t. You only tried serving the people best with a video which cannot be found. WE have served the people best by going to full length front news pages accusing the entire Ford family, with numerous unnamed sources to boot!”

            Says The Star EB: “We have an unfound video now in unfound locations!”

            To which the G&M responds: “We are much better at making wild accusations.”

            Says The Star:”No, we are, by far!”

            Responds the G&M:” No, we are, by farther!”

            So the G&M and The Star editorial boards then decide to call in Premier Wynne to settle the score.

            That’s get Ford out of office. For sure!

            And Aaron is still watching how the tree moves and moves, until, who knows, the branch the Editorial Boards are sitting on will break off.

            Who says repetition doesn’t work?

            Want some more stories? .

          • Heh. Suddenly you don’t want to talk about “double-dipping” MPs.

            What have you done to oust your double-dipping Conservative MP, Kevin Sorenson?

          • Hey, suddenly we are talking double dipping.

            So we’ve got that straightened out: lenny now thinks Justin WAS double dipping!

            Keep talking, lenny. I like what I’m hearing!

          • Note the quotes. “Double-dipping” is your term.

            So tell us what you’ve done about your own “double-dipping” Conservative MP. You’ve haven’t mentioned him at all. Yet you’ve mentioned the MP from Montreal countless times.

          • http://www.bloggingtories.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?p=101711

            “On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned
            $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform initiative.”

            “On Jan. 31, 2009, MPs debated and voted on changes to employment insurance benefits. There is no record Trudeau voted on that initiative or participated in the day’s proceedings. But he did give a speech that day to the Toronto-based group, The Learning Partnership, for which he was paid $10,000.”

            Hey, call it what you will, but I will call it double dipping.

            That report mentioned is from February 2013. What do reporters have to say about Justin’s practices now? Eh!

          • What have you done about “double-dipping” Conservative MP, Kevin Sorenson, other than voting for him?

          • Kevin Sorenson, my MP, does not skip the House when in session to go deliver speeches for a fee.

            Kevin Sorenson, when on an MP salary, does not fly to Alberta to tend to his farm duties. He pays others to do the farming for him or rents out his land!

            You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • He’s on an MP salary all year long. And he’s “double-dipping” not just with his farming business but also with his auction business.
            What was he doing when he missed votes in the house? Is he flying out to Alberta to do farm and auction work? Who knows. Unlike Trudeau, he’s provided no public disclosure of his side income and activities.

          • Hey, I have said before: investigate them all?

            Have you found any dates already when Kevin Sorenson was delivering a speech for a hefty fee while the House was in full session?

            If you have such proof, why not post it?

          • This is simply a condition you’ve added after the fact. Previously you were outraged that Trudeau earned other income while collecting an MP salary. Having learned that the very Conservative MP you voted for was doing exactly that you not-so-subtly moved the goalposts so that your “outrage” could continue to apply to Trudeau, while your “double-dipping” MP has now done nothing wrong.
            The fact is that, unlike Trudeau, Kevin Sorenson hasn’t disclosed what he earns from his side businesses, what time he spends at them, nor explained his absenses from Parliament.

          • So skipping the sitting session of the House, to go and give speeches for a fee instead is acceptable?

    • Are you kidding? Steal money, maybe. Misappropriate money, perhaps. When you’re talking tax dollars, they can only create deficits.

    • Though you surely cannot be blamed for the Francien show that follows your breezy quip, surely you must feel a teeny-weeny tinge of guilt for even trying to advance a bit of mordant wit


  3. I got it…..Harper lied

    • Have you not heard?

      Harper Bababababaaaaad. Jusin Godgodgodgooooood!

      Where have you been all these weeks, months, years!

      • You are aware who the PM is I presume. One of those two is leader of the third party. Oddly enough Harper seems to have the same problem.

        • Oh, yes, I am aware who is the PM.

          Keep screaming Harper Bababababababaaad. Harper won the last three times when the screaming kept coming.


          Keep screaming. It works well I hear!

          • I suppose that would explain why you’re all over the forums screaming the same set of lies day after day.

          • And what lies would those be?

            Are you trying to tell me that it is a lie to say that Justin Trudeau skipped the House while it was in session, to then go out and deliver speeches for a fee,

            Did Justin tell the ethics commissioner in advance that he WOULD skip the House when in session for giving speeches instead – for a fee while collecting his MP salary?

            Justin has not told the ethics commissioner that much. And I am not lying!

          • The lies would be where you draw false equivalencies between regular salary and expense claims.

          • What lies? Justin has not been investigated into his public expense account. Have you investigated Justin’s public expense account to be able to say with absolute certainty that I am lying? Perhaps you are lying when we find out that Justin has been claiming expenses he should not have been claiming.

            How will anyone know the truth if Justin is not being investigated?

      • Orson?

      • Are you channeling Orson Bean now, with the lame sarcasm?

  4. Question for Aaron Wherry:

    Duffy was on senate salary.

    Justin was on MP salary.

    Duffy gave speeches while being on senate salary.

    Justin gave speeches while being on MP salary.

    Duffy may have received extra cash from giving those speeches.

    Justin got extra cash from giving those speeches.

    Duffy may have claimed per diems to top it all off.

    Conclusion: The difference is that Duffy TRIPLE dips and Justin DOUBLE dips?

    • Most of us are aware who the real dip is here thanks.

      • You are welcome.
        Repetition works, apparently!

        Harper babababababaaaaaad Justin godgodgodgoooood!

        Got it.

    • My god are you ever obtuse. The issue is not that Duffy was paid to give speeches as a senator. Nor is there anything wrong with Trudeau doing the same. That’s what politicians, which both are, do whether they get paid directly or in publicity. The issue now is whether Harper knew about an illegal payment to a senator, Duffy, for the apparent purpose of shutting down a Senate investigation into improperly claimed expenses. These are serious allegations that Harper could clear up in a second if he wanted to but obviously doesn’t because there’s clearly substance to them. That you so completely miss the point and insist on bringing up completely unrelated matters reveal either your total ignorance of the issues involved or the mind of Conservative party propagandist. Pathetic either way.

      • She knows. she just keeps erpeating the same gibbersih in hopes of fooling people who aren’t playing close attention.

        Party above country forever and always CPC supporters!

        • Michael Den Tandt and Kady O’Malley sitting in a tree:

          Michael: “Oh, Kady, I hate Harper sooo much!”

          Kady: “Oh, Michael, I hate Harper even more!”

          Michael: “No, Kady, I hate Harper most.”

          Kady: “No, Michael, I hate Harper the best!”

          Michael: “I do.”

          Kady: “I do.”

          Michael: “I do.”

          Next episode: find out who Michael and Kady really really love!

          • My, you’ve really gone off your meds today, Francien.

        • Yeah, she knows. She just leaves out parts about violating campaign spending limits by having Senators rant during an election. An attempted ‘end run’ that didn’t work for long. LOL

          When I was in the Reform/CA/Con party there were work groups that wrote letters to editors, called talk shows, showed up at bus stop visits by the candidate…..and so on.

          Online comment sites are a haven for these people…..you can do party work at home….in your jammies if you wish.

          We’ve had lots of them come and go on here…..so maybe Cons figured a ‘writer’ would do a better job…..but so far all we’ve heard is her fetish for Justin. LOL

          • Hi EmilyOne. You felt the need to prove that EmilyOne is posting today as well as Miss Muffet.

            Good try. I’ll give you credit for that.

            Now don’t forget: when you are in EmilyOne mode you are not supposed to react to my postings. But your sounding board GFMD will do for you. LOL I’m having a ball!

          • The other posters are right…..you are either on meds or off them, but you are certainly confused/paranoid. I don’t post as anyone else, and you could easily verify that through discus or Macleans

            Your posts are blocked from coming into my inbox mail….I can see them on the screen when I open a thread though. I just usually skip over them.

            I don’t have time to read everything by the stupid and the crazed. And this has all been explained to you before as well.

            Go watch Justin’s strip commerical again. I’m sure you recorded it.


          • On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned
            $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the
            House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform

          • LOL okay, stop watching the ad….you’re overfoamed.

          • Oh, EmilyOne, you have broken your promise many times over now.

            You said that you would not comment on my postings any longer and that was it.

            EmilyOne, EmilyOne, you are a dream come true!

          • LOL overheated too.

        • Let’s be real. There are precisely 23- or so (yeah, I know) – people paying attention. And 22 (more or less) are completely fatigued with the romance writer-slash-painter-slash-undiagnosed Ob/Com’s repetitious drivel.

      • OK, so if the real scandal here is the money exchange between Wright and Duffy, then let’s talk about that.

        And why is it that Justin Trudeau has not spoken a word, not ONE word about the senator’s over billing, or about senators going on a speaking tour for extra cash?

        Justin does in deed talk about the Dufft/Wright deal, but Justin does NOT talk whatsoever about the senator’s double and triple dipping.

        If you can show me one newsreport in which Justin speaks on the issue of senator’s double or triple dipping, I would love to hear about it.

        Let me know when you’ve found one, ok?

    • I find it shocking that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are abandoning their fellow soldier Mike Duffy when he is clearly no worse than Justin Trudeau. You would think that Harper would crank up the HoC talking point machinery and drive Justin’s misdeeds into the conscience of Canada; start a relentless campaign of tv ads describing JT’s double dipping, but surprisingly he has not. Why did Harper let it go? Could it be that many MPs of his own party have done the same thing? I just don’t know…..it’s a puzzler.

      And after letting Justin off the hook, they have now turned on their own and tossed Duffy under the bus. What would lead them to dishonour a fellow foot soldier of the righteous cause in such a way? I just don’t get it: they don’t attack JT, and throw Clusterduff to the wolves and turn their backs on him as he is torn apart.

      The message I’m getting is that Harper lacks honour, loyalty and direction; he’s discombobulated and out of touch.
      Thank goodness we’ve got an eagle eye like you to point out Harper’s personal and professional inadequacies/failures. Harper’s values do not measure up to either Tim Hortons or the great game of hockey – he’s gotta go

      • About that senate Justin is trying to preserve:

        You think some of the Liberal senators don’t have the same problem as Duffy is having, IF they searched hard enough?

        You really believe that?

        Search them ALL. Then let the chips fall where they may!

      • But… but.. they’ve only recently discovered that Mulcair
        is responsible for everything that’s gone bad and evil
        in Quebec over the past 20 years … because he didn’t
        take an envelope .. an envelope that might have had
        anything in it ( money, anthrax, Nordiques tickets .. Stasnys!!)

        Once they properly deal with this miscreant they can move
        on to Justin and reveal his evil plans … probably assign
        Frannie V. to put itching powder in his comb .. that’ll fix ‘im.

    • You still don’t understand what “salary” means.

      • Please explains what this might mean:

        “On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned
        $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the
        House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform

        “On Jan. 31, 2009, MPs debated and voted on changes to employment
        insurance benefits. There is no record Trudeau voted on that initiative
        or participated in the day’s proceedings. But he did give a speech that
        day to the Toronto-based group, The Learning Partnership, for which he
        was paid $10,000.”


        That was reported in February of this year. What would reporters have to say about it today? Do you never question things?

        • Well, it obviously means he’s not double-dipping, now doesn’t it? Because if he’s not doing the House of Commons work, he’s not getting paid for the same work twice, now is he?

    • Trudeau, like many other public figures, gets paid an honorarium for public appearances and speeches at conferences, seminars etc. He was doing this before he entered politics. Why should he speak for free, I have never been to a conference, seminar or any other function of that type where the keynote and other speakers were not paid an honorarium. I believe former poiticians like Mr Mulroney can command a fee in the order of six figures per appearance.

      • So, A.Cartwright, are you speaking about consistency as a must?

        Duffy was a very public figure before he became a politician. Duffy probably got paid for giving speeches too before he entered politics.

        Are you now trying to be consistent by trying to tell me that Duffy being paid fees for giving speeches while being on salary is ok then?

        Or is it only a scandal when Conservatively appointed Duffy gives speeches for a fee?

        Please, do tell!

  5. I think a certain poster here needs an intervention. I am seriously concerned for the mental health of one of the PMO’s petpaid posters.

    • If you have a problem with repetition, then you must have a problem with all comment boards.

      Harper bababababad. Justin godgodgodgoooood is THE repetition to get sick of.

  6. That’s okay, there are job openings for mayors in Toronto and Montréal for experienced senators with all paid expenses to travel the world on tax payers money and where the sky’s the limit for now until space travel.

  7. Anyone care to bet that Mr. Wright’s accountant has figured out a way for him to get an income tax credit for the $90K?
    Bueller? :)

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