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Early adopters


The Conservative party’s interest in cap-and-trade actually predates its 2008 campaign platform. In 2004, the party’s platform expressed an interest in the concept.

A Conservative government will implement the commitments of Stephen Harper’s February 2004 paper, “Towards a Cleaner Canada,” including: Legislate caps on smog causing pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Negotiate power plant and smokestack emissions limits with the United States and border states. Investigate a cap-and-trade system that will allow firms to generate credits by reducing smog-causing pollutants.

The same commitment to “investigate a cap-and-trade system that will allow firms to generate credits by reducing smog-causing pollutants” appears in the Conservative party’s “policy declaration” of March 19, 2005.

Bob Mills, a Conservative MP at the time, apparently assisted in the drafting the 2004 policy paper. On June 8, 2005, Mr. Mills stood in the House and stated a commitment to cap-and-trade.

Unlike the smog blind Liberals, the Conservative Party of Canada has a real plan to deal with air pollution. We will legislate caps on smog-causing pollutants like nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds. We will also propose a cap and trade system within Canada that will give companies incentives to actually reduce smog-causing pollutants.

According to David Akin, the Conservative party’s 2008 policy declaration expressed support for “support a domestic cap-and-trade system that will allow firms to generate credits by reducing smog-causing pollutants.”


Early adopters

  1. No mention of CO2, which is of course not a pollutant but rather , plant food.

    • “Pollutant” is like “weed”, its definition is basically “that which we do not want”.

      We don’t want more CO2.

    • Seriously?

      I mean without agreeing or disagreeing that AGW is happening, why does it have to be one or the other?

      H2O, also is plant food, but that doesn’t make it universally harmless.


  2. The NDP hate the oil industry and would tax that industry like crazy on the way to wrecking the economy.
    The Conservative know that the oil industry is the greatest generator of wealth in the country and will do what is necessary to keep it healthy.
    People will vote for a healthy economy.

    • How do you explain calls for pricing carbon coming from the oil patch?

      • *crickets*

      • Because it will be highly profitable for them. They’ll also have even more control of public policy once the federal government is addicted to the revenues they generate. Claiming that the NDPs policy is anything other than a cynical tax grab in the name of the “environment” is the only thing farcical going on here.

        • So now the NDP are in bed with Big Oi? .Holy crap, this is big – thanks for the heads up. I guess we should all vote Liberal.

    • Another oil patch sock puppet chimes in with its favorite lie.

      • Actually, even the oil patch these days are looking toward carbon pricing. They’re not stupid, after all, they know that even if it doesn’t take effect here, it’s going to start taking effect elsewhere, and they’d rather it be applied equally across the globe than giving a leg up to companies who only operate in “pricing exempt” areas.

  3. What is the point of the article? As Autist pointed out, the Conservatives expressed interest in capping actual pollutants, not carbon. Regardless of the view or opinion on AGW, these are unrelated.

    • Today’s attempt at spin brought to you by the message board trolls at CPC HQ. hey fellas, how goes it?

      • Etch-a-sketch fail.

  4. Well, I bet you’re pleased Aaron, because the Conservatives have obviously called out their supporters on you. I wonder why d_abes was two hours late? And, do you suppose it will be these same folks tomorrow, or will we have a different three?

    • What makes you think it was three this time?

  5. 1991, I visited the hydro dam on the Winnipeg River. Powerview or Pine Falls. I was amazed by the thunder of the water. The beauty of the fast currents. I slipped on some rocks and almost fell in. I’ll be honest, mostly a put rocks on bugs and watched if they lived or not. Free publicity for a power source that doesn’t cause a future Holocaust.