Election 2015: Evan Solomon on the week ahead

Evan Solomon’s three things to watch in the campaign week to come


As the opening summer act of the campaign draws to close, attention is turning in Phase 2 to the serious matter of the economy. It’s no longer about Mike Duffy. The most important thing each leader will have to face now is the issue of economic credibility. For Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, it’s a huge deficit gamble. For Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it’s the eroding effect of a bad economy. And for NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, it’s a surprising tack to the right.

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Election 2015: Evan Solomon on the week ahead

  1. Macleans, you hired Evan? Wow. Guess the CBC disease is now in other parts of Canadian Liberal media.

    You know he was fired from CBC right?

    To the subject, Trudeau is an idiot. 9 years of Harper debt, deficits, tax greed, devaluation of money, invetmetns and pensions, and Trudeau want’s to be a Harper for more?

    If Trudeau was a CONservative, Liberal media would be all over this idiocracy.

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