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Election night in Toronto-Danforth


Polls are now closed in Toronto-Danforth and returns should start appearing here soon.

Riding history and previous results are here.

8:52pm. This billboard continues to strike me as an interesting political appeal worthy of further study and consideration. Or perhaps it just reminds me of the Take That song.

8:58pm. The NDP’s Craig Scott takes the first poll with 49 of 79 votes.

9:02pm. This advert, from Liberal candidate Grant Gordon, was also interesting. Mostly because of who was leader of the Liberal party less than a year ago and what that individual did before entering politics.

9:08pm. Ten polls into the night, the NDP share of the vote is just below where it was for Jack Layton last May (58.2/60.8). Conservative share is down nine points, Liberal share is up 12.

9:15pm. A Grid interview with Mr. Scott is here.

9:20pm. Twenty-five polls counted: NDP 59%, Liberals 29%, Conservatives 6%, Greens 4%.

9:28pm. Fifty polls counted: NDP 58%, Liberals 30%, Conservatives 6%, Greens 5%

9:33pm. And the Liberals have conceded.

9:37pm. Seventy-five polls counted and the NDP and Liberal percentages are holding. The Conservatives are barely holding off the Greens for a distant third. To save everyone a lot of time, let’s imagine tomorrow’s spin now. Conservatives: Who cares? We weren’t going to win anyway! NDP: We won! And look how bad the Conservatives did! Liberals: Our share of the vote went way up! And look how bad the Conservatives did! Greens: We almost beat the Conservatives!

9:47pm. Nycole Turmel’s press secretary proclaims victory.

9:57pm. The party percentages through 120 polls, with changes from 2011 in parentheses.

NDP 59.2 (-1.6)
Liberals 28.9 (+11.2)
Conservatives 5.1 (-9.2)
Greens 4.8 (-1.7)

10:04pm. Craig Scott, who is apparently nine feet tall, accepts his democratic mandate. Alice Funke throws in her two cents. And Ms. Turmel has released a statement.

“For seven years, Jack Layton stood up for Toronto-Danforth families. Starting tonight, Craig will pick up where Jack left off. Craig has spent his life fighting for people and will serve Toronto-Danforth with passion and dedication…

“Families I spoke to understood that this by-election was about protecting the things that mattered to them. The Conservative budget next week will slash jobs, retirement savings and vital services. It’s more important than ever to have a strong opposition… 

“In Parliament and in communities like Toronto-Danforth, New Democrats are holding the Conservatives accountable and proposing practical solutions to help families get ahead. Craig will strengthen our team and we look forward to seeing him in Ottawa.”

And that’s that. Goodnight from the Macleans.ca by-election headquarters.


Election night in Toronto-Danforth

  1. Who’s tracking all the suspected cases of illegal robo-calls?

    • Don’t sulk, Rick. You guys are kicking the hell out of John Turmel.

      • He’s just running to preserve his Guinness record these days. He used to be about real values. He used to be about weed and wacky monetary policy. Personally I’m more of a Baxter man myself. Elvis and Anglicanism are both things I can get behind. 

  2. Does anybody really expect this riding to go other than NDP at the moment?

    • If harper is actually to believed, the CPC predicted a big Liberal win.  Actually, that was just the CPC calling Canadians stupid.

      • Or braying donkeys.

      • LOL I doubt the Cons believed it either, they just wanted to try and make the Libs look bad.

  3. @punditsguide (I don’t do the twitter).  Which is why this riding would never have been under consideration for cooperation in the first place.  Geez, the idea is to take Conservative held ridings!

  4. Holy crap. I did not expect that much Liberal gain.. they picked up the majority of the vote that moved..from all three parties.

    My thought is that while Mr. Harper has a minority government, people were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — thinking that the situation gave him justification for the constant hard-ball games with Parliament, but now with a majority people have been expecting significantly better from him — and not seeing it.

    • They must have had a pretty good local candidate.  Either that, or Liberals prefer no leader (or their current interim) to Ignatieff.

      • It used to be Rae’s riding when he was with the NDP. Maybe that contributed to the uptick.

      • Oh.. you don’t suppose we could make a case to the Liberal party to not bother electing a leader? To campaign on the strength of their local candidates? It’d certainly stick a fork into the CPC’s usual campaign strategy.

        .. of course, while I’m dreaming, I’ll take two rainbows with that pony..

        • Vote for nobody!

      • The local Liberal candidate, Grant Gordon, http://www.grantgordon.ca/, by all accounts was a very engaging and competent individual who probably picked up a good amount of votes on personal appeal.