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Exchanging tweets with Rona Ambrose


Yesterday, via Twitter, I sought clarification on environmental policy in the province of Alberta.

Technical question: Does Alberta have a carbon tax, cap and trade or both?

Among the respondents was Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose.

Alberta’s policy prices carbon but funds are directed into a technology fund to reduce GHG’s not to general govnt revenue.

I followed-up with Ms. Ambrose.

Do you support that?

And Ms. Ambrose obliged with a response.

works for Alberta because money stays in Alberta and is managed by an investment board. Can’t comment on GHG reduction results.

This has been the second instalment of Exchanging tweets with Rona Ambrose.


Exchanging tweets with Rona Ambrose

  1. Wow, the things that qualify as “journalism” these days! And you didn’t even take the time to put it into Storify…. tisk tisk.