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Executive assistant of the year (II)


The Liberals sent up their designated expresser-of-outrage, Mr. Wayne Easter, to question the government side this afternoon about Helena Guergis’ latest trouble. Her response was as follows.

Mr. Speaker, with respect to the staffer in question, she called me today. She advised me of the situation. We discussed it. We did discuss that it was inappropriate. She apologized and assured me that it will not happen again.

Canwest has helpfully compiled some of the nicer testimonials provided by her apologetic assistant.


Executive assistant of the year (II)

  1. Then she threw her boots at the wall.

  2. The letters praised Guergis as an MP and slammed her critics. Craven told the newspapers that published the letters on Tuesday via email that she was just expressing her own personal opinions and "as a voter I am free to express them." She added though that in the future she will clearly identify herself as a staff member for Guergis.<//i>

    If Guergis has any sense, she'll make sure this staffer won't even be obligated to do that in future. But then, I don't believe Guergis didn't know about this.

  3. National Newswatch claims to have found a second Guergis staffer who wrote a letter praising her boss without identifying herself as a staffer.

  4. National Newswatch is reporting another Guergis staffer was busy penning letters to the papers. No link, sorry. They say more to follow.

  5. Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. Especially considering Jaffer's radio incident years ago.

    • Agreed. This likely wouldn't have been a story if it had been anyone else, but enough is enough…3 strikes, you're out.

    • Maybe she's getting her "stay-awake powder" the same place Rahim was?

  6. Small town cheap, as a famous jurist once opined.

  7. National Newswatch claims to have found a second Guergis staffer who wrote a letter praising her boss without identifying herself as a staffer.

    Turns out to be a story breaking right here at MacLean's<//i>

    Maybe editors need to vet the reader feedback a little more carefully. Apparently, there's an entire generation of people who don't really understand the necessity of declaring one's interests.

  8. From the previous Macleans blog entry: "Craven said that changing her name was to “make sure they were separate from what I do for a living … I am a voter in Simcoe-Grey with my own opinions.”"

    From the Canada.com article, one of her contributions to the public discourse: "Recent articles slamming our MP Helena Guergis for her absence at a documentary film showing and forum on climate change is just another futile socialist attempt to take down democratically-elected government."

    Isn't that funny, her "own" opinions sound just like those of a government shill. She must be perfect for the job.

    On the other hand Guegis' recent history suggest that maybe this staffer is the brains of the operation. Maybe ol' Helena Handbasket is just a figurehead. You know, like Jim Flaherty.

  9. Seriously…. how low can we go? Guegis – your time is up!

  10. The apology holds no water. A cabinet minister has at least one media scanner, and she would have been proudly shown those letters. Oh yes.