‘Failed his ministerial responsibilities’


Paul Dewar releases a statement calling on Vic Toews to resign.

Over the past week, the Minister of Public Safety has failed his ministerial responsibilities.

First he introduced Bill C-30 which undermines Canadians’ online privacy. Then he accused Canadians who raised privacy concerns of supporting child pornography. Today we learned that he had not even reviewed the most intrusive provisions of the bill before introducing it in the House of Commons.

Canadians expect better. I call on Mr. Toews to step down as Minister of Public Safety.

The buck stops with the Prime Minister. He must hold his cabinet members to account.


‘Failed his ministerial responsibilities’

  1. I’ve thought about this very carefully, and if fair minded Canadians
    have come to the conclusion that my comments, that I made in the heat of
    Parliamentary debate, were not appropriate, I’m prepared to accept
    their judgment.

    Exceptional cabinet credentials — the man can’t go six words without lying.

    • So is he saying that he, himself, still does not consider his comment inappropriate? 

      • He’s saying as little as possible, in a purposefully awkward jumble of words that he hopes will be mistaken as “addressing the issue”.

        The other possibility is that he’s truly as clueless and self-unaware as he seems, but in the interest of raising the tone, taking the high road, and all that stuff we’re all supposed to be doing, I’ll stick with the “practiced liar” interpretation over the “incompetent puppet” one. I’m willing to switch, though, if more evidence comes in.

        • I do agree that his statement was designed to give the impression of contrition and taking the high road, but, when I read it, the first thing that jumped out at me was that he does not seem to see anything wrong with his comment. 

          It reminds me of those non-apologies along the lines of “I’m sorry if anyone took offence at what I said/did”. The implication being that such people are over reacting but one must humour them.

          • Essentially, he’s just saying that people are entitled to their opinions. It’s not even a conditional apology, it’s a dismissal.  

            “Yeah, well, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.”

    • Again, I think he’s being entirely truthful there. He’s thought about the rest of that statement very carefully.  Because obviously since his comments were made in the heat of Parliamentary debate, any Canadian who feels they were not appropriate is not being fair minded.

      At least, that’s how I think he’s thinking of it.

      It’s funny how CPC members tend to remind of the Happy Days episode where The Fonz had to apologize. It’s simply a genetic impossibility for them.

      •  Thwim,

        If you watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1BAHc4Mr5M

        Vic Toews is clearly reading from a script on the page in his left hand!

        How can you call this the heat of debate? When you are using prepared remarks!

        Next day he attacks Charlie Angus for not reading the bill. Then he hits the airwaves with Evan Solomon and has no idea what is in his own bill that he is calling canadians child pornographers!

        How is any of this genuine?

        • Heh. I suppose his thinking is that whether he was reading prepared statements or not, it was still the heat of the debate, and obviously that gives him some sort of out, right?

          I know, it sounds stupid to me too, but remember, this is Vic “Deadbeat Dad” Toews we’re discussion.

    • Burn the witch?.. oh wait was that he wanted to say about Canadians caught up in HIS witch hunt?

  2. Analagous to his “child pornographers” comment, didn’t he also allege that anyone who didn’t like his other bill was on the side of “the terrorists”?

    The guy is a frothing bigmouthed idealogue who never lets the facts get in the way of his partisan script and ideologies.  He truly is unfit, and hardly ministerial — he’s more like the overopinionated old uncle you wince at at Thanksgiving.

  3. See, here’s another situation where an apology would have gone a long way.  At least with me.  But “I’m prepared to accept their judgment” is even worse than the usual, “if people misunderstood what I said” crap kind of apology.  He’s still maintaining that he didn’t say anything over the line, and that he’s fine with and basically HE stands by what he said.  That others don’t, he accepts.  Well, whoopdie do.

    I would have been prepared to argue that most MPs probably don’t read the bills they are voting on, and while it is, one would think, more of a requirement to the MP actually proposing the bill, and the cabinet member in charge of the bill’s subject matter, having ones eyes move down a page and understanding the meaning of the language are two different things.  So maybe he did read it.

    But, the field day is getting worse on this, the Conservative media are racing to have every one of their commentators and columnists condemn the bill, #TellVicEverything is not even close to its highwater mark, it would seem, and now Anonymous is threatening further action. 

    Vic, you did absolutely nothing in your defence.  Here’s a bus, get under it.

  4. Calls for a Minister to resign are a bit of an anachronism. It’s not like there is any sort of minimum level of competence or integrity required of a Harper cabinet minister. You can’t fail at a job that requires absolutely nothing of you. You can’t lose the job for incompetence because no competence is required or expected. You can’t lose the job for dishonesty because no honesty is required or expected.

    The only possible reason – and it’s an entirely hypothetical reason –  that a Harper cabinet minister might lose his/her position is if they somehow managed to alienate or insult the conservative supporting rubes who fuel the fundraising machine. That’s it. Since it appears to be damn near impossible to offend those rubes, I’d say that Vic Toews and all his equally useless co-horts are safer than tenured professors as long as Harper remains in power.

    Just one man’s opinion, but I do speak as a former rube who let the Conservatives exploit my resentment of the Chretien Liberals. And I do feel like a damn fool for it.

  5. Toews staying on? Here’s a guy who doesn’t bother reading his own Bills.

    Helena Guergis must be feeling vindicated. Dear Leader’s loyalty to bungling underlings seems based purely on whim and fancy.

  6. I see that Vic is playing the victim card now (claiming that there are threats against him and his family in #TellVicEverything).  The playbook is being followed:

    1. Make outrageous statement that the Base will agree with,
    2. Make completely false weasel-worded apology and promise to listen to others,
    3. Don’t listen to others,
    4. Claim victimhood,
    5. Repeat step 1.

  7. What a clown. Conservative supporters, take care of your own mess. Talk to your peeps and get this bozo tossed out. I’d respect you more if you took care of the problem instead of ignoring it. 

  8.  Sadly, and very doubtfully that Vic Toews will either be held accountable for his ignorance towards Canadians privacy, but also, he will surely NOT step down from a dubious position of great power, a handsome salary and even better perks of being a Cabinet Minister. No! The democratic freedoms which this country is founded are at risk of being blatantly disregarded, furthermore; by the political elite and at whose expense, our expense: The Canadian Citizens!

    In short, the Prime Minister, and his ‘crony buddies’ get to enjoy another 4 years of uninterrupted free-reign as; ‘we know best’ policy implementation (or, rather lack thereof), for all our little Canadian children. These are our elected officials and they do whatever is in their best interest, and not what is in the best interest of the vast majority of Canadian Citizens who this potential… Whatever it is (dare say Law…?) Will affect us; not the political elite!

    Fundamental Justice? What’s that? I thought all potential-Laws had to pass a series of votes in the lower house (House of Commons), the upper house ([Senate] which is problematic in itself) and receive royal assent from the Viceroy before anything can be implemented into Law or giving authorization to infringe upon my constitutional rights? …  What happened to political accountability? Since when do these ‘morons’ in Ottawa get free reign of the political system and at the expense of our (Canadian Citizens) democratic rights and fundamental freedoms?

    LAUGH OUT LOUD! He didn’t even read the memo for the bills provisions? HAH! Some government we have here..

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