Glen Pearson considers politics, arrogance, ethics, civil discourse and religion.



  1. Activated

    Eternal emptiness opens
    upon entrances. The sign says,
    when entering into the tunnel,
    Let the ladder lead!
    We know, and
    people are not afraid of falling;
    it’s the being, stuck at a bottom,
    which really, really hurts.

    All ladders come attached
    with such warning signs provided,
    yet how, upon this rounded earth
    swirling with activity
    held together by a force of gravity,
    does one discern directions;
    are you for going up or down?
    At least a sense of flatness
    had given us the edge.

    Let us re-read the instructions
    carefully, when coming to;
    conclusions are as endings
    as the highest tip, that top of the rung
    flipping over into the spoke of a wheel;
    are you indeed for going up or down?

    Let us see then!
    What we have not yet found
    at the bottom is the beginning;
    the eternal confusion held
    within the crux of a turn-around
    hides the warning.
    The sign simply says:
    ‘What goes around comes around’
    and that would be the first step.
    On any ladder?

    Don’t take my word
    for when eternal emptiness opens
    nothing more could be said.

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