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Federal-municipal relations in Calgary Centre


Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi exchange pleasantries.

@Nenshi – Hope you give the Conservative Party credit tomorrow for giving cities stable, predictable funding through the $2 B gas tax!

.@Crockatteer or … You could come and tell people yourself! Invitation open. When did it become my role to do the candidate’s job for her?

Despite Mayor Nenshi’s encouragement, Ms. Crockatt didn’t appear at the Sunday forum that he hosted.


Federal-municipal relations in Calgary Centre

  1. Crockatt is not a “Tory!”

    Tories do not believe in freespending, authoritarian, expanding gov’t.

    Her words and actions are that of the Harper mentality, that if you are fighting the “evil” liberalization of society, you can do whatever it takes – that the ends justify the means.

    Moral justification to have the largest, highest spending, most secretive and authoritarian gov’t in the history of Canada; while these were a terrible thing when the Liberals were in power (and indeed they were), it is okay now because Harper’s fight is righteous.

    If you support this view, and ignore the facts, you will be a part of the biggest deficits in the history of Canada and the unraveling of Canadian democracy – towards an American style oligarchy (even moreso than under the Liberals); where the only “Hope for Change” lies with someone slightly less under oligarchal control.

    Turner is the closest thing to a Tory in this byelection. Representing all people; including responsible oil businesses – I saw him at the Calgary Petroleum Club, where he converted more than a few people who realized he was the actual conservative in the race.

  2. This Crockatt woman sounds just . . . stupid. But maybe that is unfair. Was there a twitter exchange before the two we see here, because if she was responding to something, maybe the context makes it okay. If she thought it would be a great idea to thumb her nose at hosts of a debate while demanding they deliver talking points of her campaign, well, I can’t think of a more expressive word than “stupid”.

  3. Hmmm….

    Gasoline produces carbon emissions. The Tories are taxing gasoline at 10 cents/litre. Ergo, the Tories support a carbon tax. The gas tax raises approximately $5 billion per year. Between fiscal 2011-2012 and fiscal 2014-2015, this represents $20 billion.

    The Tories support a $20 billion tax on everything! Prices on everything are up because of the Tories job-killing carbon tax! Shame! Shame!

  4. Wait… what?!?

    Now a Conservative candidate is BRAGGING about a Conservative-imposed tax?

    I guess irony is dead, principles are applied situationally, and shame was simply never part of the equation.