‘Five per cent said they just don’t like his attitude’


Nik Nanos looks at what Canadians think (or don’t think) of Messrs. Harper and Ignatieff.


‘Five per cent said they just don’t like his attitude’

  1. Wow … I was anticipating much stronger dislike numbers – go figure. I think this is going to be a very interesting year politically in canada. Let’s face it because as I see it what is going to happen is as follows. No election this year no one really wants one. However the LPC can in no way wait until 2011 as the troops will be coming home lot’s of time for warm and fuzzies from Obama crew and not to mention the economy starting to pick up by then – so that leaves us with 2010 probably the spring. The Igster has to start managing real change in the LPC from the grassroots up and this will be very hard for them. Sooner or later (probably next xmas) the NDP will be starting to say to themselves we have given Jack quite maybe it’s time for the ginzo knives – who next maybe Mulcair (there’s a match made in heaven)? and let’s not forget the Gilles has plainly told everyone he is going in awhile so who next there?

  2. Hmmm… I’m not sure where, but I read something like “but critics say the faults of political punditry and journalism in this country are much the same: too much meaningless drama ( “who’s up! who’s down!’”); an obsession with conflict and minor scandal; and too much partisan bluster” recently.

    Would a post on polling numbers whose title chooses to focus on 5% of respondents that attack the party that the writer of the post doesn’t like count as “meaningless drama”, “obsession with conflict”, or “partisan bluster”?

  3. From the article, on Harper: “When it came to specifics, eight per cent said they like the fact that he’s a strong leader, five per cent said he’s honest, four per cent like his policies and four per cent said he gets things done.”

    Honest? Five percent of Canadians are apparently gullible beyond belief.

    There’s a lot of great footage from the leaders debates for the Liberal ads in the next campaign. Obviously (to borrow Mr. Harper’s favourite word), my number one choice would be him muttering something about balanced budgets into his water glass.

    Also, I’m sure if you edited together all of Harper’s shrugging from the two debates, it would last a good 5 minutes in total. I’m not sure why, but it seems Canadians don’t like to see their leaders shrugging.

    • The water-glass muttering was about not raising taxes, IIRC. Nonetheless, I instantly knew it was attack ad material.

      • Whoops, my mistake. Thanks for the correction. Still, Harper had a couple of good, ad-worthy deficit-related moments in the debate. Too bad that wasn’t one.

    • “I like that he’s got small children”

      CPC Election Campaign ad, 2008

    • To be honest, given the voting percentages, I’m heartened to hear that the number of people who are completely clueless has dropped to only 5%

  4. So they’re catching on – the weenie is a meanie.