‘Focus on what unites us’


Nathan Cullen continues to pitch his proposal for joint nominations.

Some worry about the implications of my proposal. The root of many of these fears is a belief that my party can win on its own. I understand that sentiment. Indeed, I agree with it: We can out-organize another party in a joint nomination—resembling a U.S. primary—and go on from there to beat a sitting Conservative. Others say it’s not realistic, that parties would need common platforms to make it happen; or that vested interests wound not allow it.

In response, I ask them whether the differences among progressive Canadians are really so great that we can’t find ways to co-operate before the next election? They can’t be that large. If other candidates can imagine and plan to co-operate after an election, surely we can democratically co-operate before one, too.


‘Focus on what unites us’

  1. The other thing that appeals to me about this idea is the change in how we DO politics.  After all, the vast majority of people who are drawn to a political life do so because they honestly believe they have something valuable to offer to Canadians.  We can disagree with what that is or the value it has, but these people are not our enemies, are not evil, etc.  It also doesn’t make all political parties hold the same ideals and viewpoints, but that’s why he’s not proposing a merger.

  2. oops, that for Jenn.

    How would that work though at the riding level?[ i have little or no real idea what the process is] If all Nathan is proposing is to have the libs/ndp try to outsell memberships in the riding and esentially have the best organized team take the prize i don’t like it – it’ll leave too many hard feelings behind. If on other hand he’s thinking of a sort of mini town hall where the two[or more] nominees square off with each other and allow for questions from the floor before any kind of vote, then there’s a chance for some kind of consensus between the parties over who has the better chance in the riding. I could support that in a limited, targeted form.

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