For the discerning opposition leader


Via Toronto Life, the Globe’s Steven Chase lists Michael Ignatieff’s favourite things.

Moleskine notepads are fairly fantastic. Though obviously, as readers of the Commons will note, they do not automatically bestow the powers of Hemingway upon their users.

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For the discerning opposition leader

  1. “Brown or black shoes with laces.”

    wtf? Clearly I am not up to date on shoe fashion if you have to specify that you like shoes with laces. It’s also good to know that Iggy likes laces and does not prefer the vagabond look.

    • So … he isn’t against having to move to put on his shoes. A good sign in a leader.

      You can be sitting down and put a pair of loafers on without even moving. [from: Why The Loafer Style Continues To Be One Of The Hottest Shoe Styles For Men and Women]

  2. Oh, for God’s sakes…couldn’t he have thrown in something populist? How about a good belch? A lot of elitists secretly enjoy those.

    • I’m perfectly happy he didn’t. I’m sick and tired of this culture wars crap. When is the last time anyone spotted Sh at Timmys or even sashaying down yr local supermarket aisle. If Ignatieff really loves these things then good for him. The guys a snob and i don’t enjoy almost anything he regards as fun. But who really gives a crap anyway. I’m just happy to see one of our elites being himself. The only thing that bothers me at all is his complusion to tell us about it. I really loved this about old Pierre, he did his elitist thing didn’t apoligize for it and more importantly – Mr Ignatieff – couldn’t understand why Joe public was interested in anything he did outside of politics, and often rudely told you so.
      Oh well i’m relieved anyway. I thought there for a bit that Michael would be off to Justins asking for that old cloak his dad wore from time to time. No roses either. Carry on Michael, i used to love Timmy’s but the place is lousy with conservstives for some reason these days.

      • I’m sick and tired of this culture wars crap.

        Oh, so am I. But what else are the “journalists” going to report on? They’ve got all that media to fill up, after all.

        • Isn’t that true. What do they call it, Feeding the goat?Or did l read that in a book somewhere? Thankgod it’s not true of Macleans. I’d hate to think i was wasting my time!

  3. Perusing the two comments so far on the Globe’s board…Wayne Young from Victoria says…Wayne, is that you? You’re not steppin’ out on the Macleans blogs, are you?

    • Yes, unfortunately he’s wandering in other parts of the internet too. He even pasted that G&M comment into another thread here. I think the people who tell him what to say need to be more specific or speak more slowly.

      • Wayne is one of the good guys, Ian.

        • Good in what sense?

          • Let’s start with the fact that Wayne is a genuinely nice guy. He’s unpretentious, and he doesn’t waste time with vitriol and personal attacks. Also, he’s former Navy, which is a big plus in my books. It hardly seems fair to dump on the guy.

          • Well, CR, former Navy is a plus in my book too.

            But while it’s not vitriolic, saying “…the only outstanding issue are the hurt feelings of some wannabee author journalist who more than likely has already made a nice little sum in book sales and let’s not forget the invariably boring and definitely trite public speeches about more jestsam and flotsam next will be a book a about Bernier it would certainly have a better photo layout.” seems a bit like a personal attack to me. And Googling Wayne’s more lucid and well-punctuated comments finds a lot of copy-paste and an absence of attribution.

            So, I apologize to Wayne if I lumped him in with the actual trolls/conbots/blind-partisans, but I stand by the rest of my comment.

  4. Why do people take it so personally? He likes what he likes – why does anyone care?

    • Those of us who are not ‘bots of any sort are social animals. We totally can’t help it. And even most of the ‘bots are wired for it.

  5. EVERYBODY STOP STARING AT MICHAEL IGNATIEFF. You’re freaking Sandi out. Go do something else, and when asked, vote for him. This is all very difficult for Sandi.

    • But Sarge! Those eyebrows! How can we do anything BUT stare?

  6. It’s a matter of how he answers the question. He may say he likes things because he thinks voters will approve of whatever he names, or he may like things because he uses them, enjoys using them and doesn’t care who thinks otherwise.

    • I think the latter. Most of what he mentions are the finer things and in life (and are not particularly inaccessible to the rest of us slobs). Only a faux populist would go out of his or her way to make a big deal about them.

      Except the Moleskine notebooks, however, That’s just snotty.

      • Oh, I dunno. I like using them myself. They’re a nice size for a jacket pocket, they take most types of ink, you have plenty of paper to write with, there’s a pocket in the back for loose paper (or emergency bills), and the cover’s soft enough to attach a patch if you’re so inclined.

        And so what if Iggy wants to be Hemingway? Don’t we all?

  7. Apparently, one of the items on Iggy’s “least favourite things” list is “fat younger brothers”.

    • Remember Kids: Beautify up your entire life story and then coat it in a thin layer of protective varnish before entering parliament. Otherwise your dick move in high school will become a relevant one liner when people discuss your favourite pasta salad.

  8. Moleskines are better than ‘fairly fantastic’….

    • True, but it’s too bad they have to kill and skin so many moles to make those supple leather covers.

      • that is a bit of a shame…

      • They don’t kill them. They only use the ones that have died of natural causes.

        • In the unlikely event anyone’s serious, moleskines are covered in oilcloth, not rodent-hide.

          • Man, you sure know how to kill a thread.

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