From a former Ontario premier to a soon-to-be-former Ontario premier -

From a former Ontario premier to a soon-to-be-former Ontario premier


A statement from interim Liberal leader Bob Rae on the resignation of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

“For the last twenty two years, Mr. McGuinty has shown a deep and abiding commitment to public service and public life. In his nine years as Premier, Mr. McGuinty has made Ontario a global leader in education by introducing full-day kindergarten and by making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable than ever before. 

Premier McGuinty took a tough stand against bullies in our schoolyards and made schools safer for our children.

Since 2003, Ontarians have improved access to family doctors, home and long-term care – all thanks to Premier McGuinty’s leadership.

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary caucus, I want to thank Mr. McGuinty for his exceptional service to the province of Ontario.”

The text of Mr. McGuinty’s letter to Liberal supporters is here. Paul Wells’ analysis is here.


From a former Ontario premier to a soon-to-be-former Ontario premier

  1. I assume your series of blog postings blasting him for proroguing the legislature before resigning will begin shortly?

    Oh…Right. Not a Conservative.

    As you were then.

    • john g….do you think that continually lying about Harp’s prorogue is going to make it true?

    • I would be more than happy for Harper to prorogue before resigning.

    • Dalton’s prorogation is not a problem, because the Tories have done it in the past.

      Man, it’s fun using the old “The Liberals used to do it” excuse (in reverse). I can see why the federal Tories use it so often.

      • You expect that from a politician. Why do journalists use it? Answer: because there is no longer any discernable difference between a politician and a journalist.

        • If you’re referring to Wherry, where has he used it exactly?

          Frankly, I can’t even remember (though I’m sure you’ll point it out) if Wherry himself commented on what HE thought of the prorogations under Harper. Generally, Wherry’s posts tend to point to what other people are discussing, and rarely do I know where WHERRY actually stands, though sometimes he makes that clear as well.

          That said, I’m certainly willing to give a blogger some time to focus on Point A before Point B. I just don’t find it too shocking that Wherry’s first few posts on the Premier of the country’s largest province resigning were on the resignation of the Premier, and not the prorogation of the legislature (it may not be the more “important” story, but it’s certainly the “bigger” story). That Wherry’s fourth post on the issue was on the prorogation, but not the first three, just doesn’t seem like a big conspiracy to me less than 24 hours after the announcement.

          While we’re discussing it, I can’t recall, what was YOUR reaction to the Harper prorogations? (Particularly the one where there was a contempt motion before Parliament at the time). I seem to recall my own opinion being along the lines of “Sure, it’s kinda slimy, but the system is the system, and it’s the PM’s prerogative, so , largely, it is what it is” and I think I feel the same way about Queen’s Park getting shut down. Were you outraged when the Tories did it, or are you not outraged now, or some combination thereof?

          • Which one?

            I agreed with the one that averted the coalition taking over as the least bad option in a horrible situation.

            As I recall, I’m pretty sure I disagreed with the following one as an unnecessary reset of Parliament. As I recall I think there was a rebalance of Senate committees hanging in the balance of the last one because Harper had just appointed himself a Senate majority, but I still didn’t like it.

            Go click on the “Proroguation” tag from the keywords in Wherry’s other post and refresh yourself as to how many times Wherry posted somebody’s (always negative) reaction to Harper’s last prorogue. I stopped counting after about 6 pages of posts.

            I’ll be surprised if we get 6 posts from Wherry on Dalton’s prorogue…let alone 6 pages. I’ve got the over/under at 3.5 posts.

          • I’ll also be surprised if Dalton’s prorogue leads to public protests, but I could be wrong.

          • Don’t forget, you only need 2 people to protest a Conservative before its reported as a “protest”. That number is much higher for a Liberal.

          • Over 6,000 people protested in Toronto, and over 3,000 on Parliament Hill.

            The story of those two ladies is cute, but rather disingenuous if you leave out the fact that they were 2 of approximately 21,000 protesters at protests from coast to coast.

          • Here are posts number 2 and 3 from Wherry on Dalton’s prorogation.

            At this point I think he’ll probably easily hit 6, even without a 6,000 person protest shutting down Yonge and Dundas to write about.

          • We’ll see if it continues. As you pointed out earlier, other than BTC Wherry rarely produces his own stuff (which is a shame because BTC is quite well written, if a bit repetitive), but mostly links to others. At some point his source material will dry up, and I suspect it will happen sooner rather than later.

            But I will admit to being surprised and impressed so far with how Aaron has covered this, and even more so considering that provincial politics is not his usual beat. Happy to be proven wrong on this one so far. Nice job Aaron.

    • Here’s post one if you haven’t seen it yet.

      Personally, I don’t expect Wherry to give the prorogation of the Ontario Legislature as much coverage as the prorogation of the federal legislature until there are some protests across the province, and a protest at Queen’s Park commensurate with the protests that occurred the last time the PM prorogued.

  2. Of course Liberals and their friends in the media are going to do everything to cover-up McGuinty’s gross incompetence and total disregard for taxpayers money. They’ve got the Liberal brand to protect, after all.

    Of course not so much as a peep about Dalton proroguing to avoid scandal. No mention that his resignation comes hours after the Tories accuse him of a massive systematic cover-up.

    No, just tributes to the worst Premier Ontario’s had since Bob Rae, and fake musings about considering a run for the federal Liberal leadership (ya, that’s likely).