Fundamental change on immigration -

Fundamental change on immigration


The Prime Minister talks to the Globe about his government’s immigration reform.

“We are making profound, and to this point, not fully appreciated changes to our immigration system,” Mr. Harper said in an interview with The Globe and Mail as he was preparing for a brief visit to the Philippines, Canada’s top source for immigrants in recent years.  Mr. Harper says Canada must increase its efforts to recruit skilled immigrants because industrialized countries are turning to foreigners to make up for a shortfall in population growth and the fiscal pressures of supporting aging societies. “The world is going to shift,” he said.

For decades, Canada has been among a small group of countries that accept immigrants. “There aren’t many. There is Canada, the United States, Australia, Israel and historically there are only about a half dozen,” Mr. Harper said. “But we’re seeing as the demographic changes I’ve talked about, the aging population, start to bite, in many developed countries, we’re seeing their immigration needs and their actual immigration intakes beginning to increase.”

The Harper government’s usual modus operandi is to play down the extent of the changes it is making, so it is interesting to see the Prime Minister suggest that the extent of the change to immigration policy aren’t being fully appreciated.


Fundamental change on immigration

  1. Why is it that Harper only tells people what he’s doing when he’s in another country?

    Whether you agree with his policies doesn’t matter…..but a least we get to hear what they are!

    It was only at the Economic Forum that we heard ‘the “five t’s” he called it: more trade, lower taxes, more training, the transformation of government process to get rid of red tape, and
    support for technology and research.’.

    And now we find out about immigration….instead of Baird and Kenney freaking about ‘evil Sri Lankans’ and Romas and George Galloway types….

    It’s the same media asking him….just in a different country….wtf?

  2. Interesting how Harper doesn’t mention his govt has significantly changed the nature of that immigration and w/o debate.. Germany for instance takes many guest workers who are not encouraged to bring their families – just work and go home. That’s the theory, but hasn’t been without consequences, bad ones. Kenney’s changes have helped to push us down the same road. Has there been a national debate about such a truly major sea change in immigration policy? In the main nada. Now Harper wants to talk about it. But does he want to talk about the real changes? Will the press even ask him?

    • A big problem is the lack of exit visas. You can’t have ‘temporary’ migrants, if you don’t ensure that they actually leave. Canada needs to institute exit visas, and pass legislation requiring police and others to verify the immigration status of people, and turn them over to CBSA for prompt removal.

  3. So the non English speaking immigrants from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland, and Ukraine who came here in 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s would no longer be welcome?

  4. Canada needs to stop accepting third world immigrants. Politically incorrect, or not, the reality is that this is not functional for Canada. Intercultural friction (e.g., honour killings) and ethnic enclaves are growing problems. And then, there are health issues associated with this third world immigration tsunami:–Sept_2008–Sohal,_P.pdf

    This is actuarially unsustainable, and you can see the results of this in any big-city hospital: dialysis wards full of elderly South Asians, beds full of the decrepit family reunification cases brought over by Chinese immigrants, etc. And no population has ever tolerated massive demographic change. I’ve heard statements from social workers, medical personnel, and even cops, that would knock a skinhead’s boots off. This doesn’t bode well for Canadian political stability, especially as third world political practices have arrived here:

    CSIS has also warned successive Federal governments that the annual intake (250,000+ permanent immigrants, and 300,000-odd ‘temporary’ migrants) is so high that it precludes thorough screening. This leads to situations like this:

    The environmental consequences of mass immigration are also being overlooked. Less than 5% of Canada is arable, and this land is largely concentrated near major metro areas in the South. This is also where mass immigration-fueled housing developments occur. What was productive farm, ranch, and orchard land in Southern Ontario, the Calgary metro area, and the Lower Mainland are now sprawling, immigrant-heavy suburbs. And population growth-driven local water shortages are already evident in places like Southern Alberta.

    It’s time to admit that the Trudeau-Mulroney third world mass immigration experiment was a spectacular failure. Canada needs to return to the immigration regime four decades ago.

    • I’m afraid you’re going to have to get over the racism. Immigration is what created Canada and it will continue to do so in ever larger numbers.

      But…gasp….most of them aren’t white any more. Sorry.

      • ‘Race; isn’t the issue–culture is. And the reality is that cultural integration is in decline. From honour killings, to children of immigrants who can’t function in English, mass immigration isn’t working. And it’s pointless to discuss issues like urban sprawl and water consumption, without addressing immigration.

        • We have always had cultural integration speed bumps….the Irish brought their fight here ya know….our lone political assassination of Darcy McGee, and also the Fenian invasion….to the Vietnamese boat people and all of the others…. ……and all of our new immigrants had crime problems.

          And most of them couldn’t speak English or French on arrival. Not the Ukranians, the Greeks, the Hungarians….etc….or anyone else.

          Canadian multiculturalism works….we’ve had a couple of centuries to learn how to do it right. We can teach this to other countries.

          As to urban sprawl and water consumption….srsly??? With 34M people??? We are the second largest country on the planet, have massive amounts of water!!!….which is a renewable resource unlike oil…..and 90% of Canada is uninhabited!!!

          Canada is a country of immigrants….has been since day one. Runaway slaves, UEL, Chinese, Muslims, Jews…… YOU are from a family of immigrants.

          Why are you trying to stop others from coming here?