Further adventures in photo-ops

Hey look, the Prime Minister visited a construction site this morning


Further adventures in photo-ops

From the pool report of the Prime Minister’s visit to a construction site this morning.

PM’s handed a nail gun, which he uses to nail in a window frame.

He says: “I’m not an expert on this,” as he grabs the gun.

He struggles with it at first, getting an initial shot into the wall but coming up empty on his next four attempts.

PM: “Oh. Misfire.”

He hands someone the gun, and that person tinkers with it and hands it back to Harper. The PM then succesfully fires three shots into the wall.

PM: “There we go. It’s all done. I have a second job.”

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Further adventures in photo-ops

  1. ROFL LMAO – I gotta hand it to my boy Stevie I like his humour : and nailing things can be a handy skillset (I would have drawn picture of the coalition members signing the toilet paper roll under the baleful gaze of the GG) but the web forums would be all OH! My God the sheer evil meaniness of it all.

  2. Wow, who knew job retraining could be so swift and easy?

  3. Gosh, I sooo want to have a beer with him. I just don’t want him anywhere near a Bedazzler, let alone a nail gun.

  4. Stephen Harper – not a carpenter.

  5. Do they actually let Harper hold things that can be used as a weapon when media are around?

    • Too true. Harper is likely the type of person to go on killing spree at any moment.

      • Not if his benzodiazepines are in balance.

  6. It’s Gerry Schnauz! Ich habe keine Unruhe.

    • First William Blake, and now X-files. What range you have, Mr. Wells!

      • William Blake and the X-Files are basically the same thing, no?

        • What a howl-er hoot!

        • There’s a doctoral thesis in there somewhere. . .

  7. Amateur hour. They keep coming.

  8. When is Harper meeting Mike Holmes….the dream Photo Opp I am sure he seeks

  9. I want more money in medicare before I want to be in a room with a politician and a nail gun.

  10. wow. Nothing in common with the average working man… obviously not a leader. lmao.

  11. Hey, this is a good image – no safety glasses and no hardhat (unlike the Beetle Bailey avitar above0.)

    I guess the air compressor was turned off so he could hear the instructions from the cameraman, director etc.