Garneau challenges Trudeau to a duel -

Garneau challenges Trudeau to a duel

A challenger seeks a mano-a-mano match-up with the frontrunner


Marc Garneau challenges Justin Trudeau to a one-on-one debate.

For weeks now I have said Justin Trudeau owes it to Canadians and to members of the Liberal Party to tell us what he stands for and what qualifies him to be leader of the party and the country – now, not after this race is over. If he truly has the qualities to be leader, he should have the courage of his convictions to display them in a one-on-one debate with me…

The current format of Liberal Party leadership debates has so far provided limited opportunity for the nine candidates to offer a full picture of their contrasting views. There have been only fleeting moments for substantive debate and discussion of the issues and qualities of those involved. To date, Justin and I have had only three minutes to debate one-on-one. That is not good enough.

Mr. Trudeau seems willing to stick with the regularly scheduled debates.

Liberals who would dismiss Mr. Garneau’s challenge, might want to remember that the last Liberal leader was quite eager for a one-on-one debate with the presumed frontrunner during the last general election.


Garneau challenges Trudeau to a duel

  1. Justin has no particular reason to do this. He is comfortably ahead of the pack just by existing.

    The other candidates have no reason to push for this either, as it admits none of them stand a chance.

    Props to Garneau for the glove across the face though.

    And since this am when it has emerged that Justin isn’t the only millionaire in the bunch, and may not even be the richest candidate…….the Cons have lost another attack point.

  2. I wonder why Garnaeu would want to appear misogynist in a party that is reliant on female votes. MHF is leading contender as well, I don’t think it would do Libs much good if they start excluding women while men do serious work of governing.

    JT does not want proper debate, he is delighted with format as is, because he doesn’t have to tell us his kooky ideas. Also, avoid debates with only a few contenders means Trudeau does not have to tell us what he has promised to do for corporations as he was giving vapid speeches in exchange for those big $$$ cheques he’s collecting. Trudeau is bought and paid for already but he doesn’t want Canadians to know who his masters are or what they want.

    • You can’t tell us how Garneau is misogynist apparently, or how JTs ideas….which he hasn’t told us….are ‘kooky’.

      And you’ve turned speechs at schools into cheques from corporations.

      But you expect us to take your criticisms seriously?

      • He hasn’t told you his ideas? Have you looked? Apparently not! It is all there on line.

        • I’m quoting Hester.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • And why is it absurd for an astronaut to run the country?

      Well-educated, courageous, doesn’t panic in a crisis and has done a great deal more than being an astronaut as well.

  4. Did Garneau accuse him of being the leader of a coalition of other candidates? :)

  5. Garneau knew Trudeau could not accept the challenge.
    Findlay Murray etc would go ballistic if the two cut themselves off for a little exclusive debate. But Trudeau had to own the responsibility for saying NO, this lunatic idea would destroy any unity the party has left. Garneau gets in a cheap one.

    • Expect the other candidates to take a shot at Garneau in the next one…along the lines of…are you sure i’m not taking up too much of your valuable time Marc? Not too sure JT is the natural loser on this one. Not that it matters a toss except to political junkies.

  6. Of course Junior chickened out. His people are smart enough to know that 1-on-1 with Garneau, he’d get his intellectual a$$ handed to him on a silver platter (something he knows about).

    • You mean in the same way Harper chickened out with MI?
      It is all political strategy. JT doesn’t have to go round with Garneau. In the 3 minutes they did go round Garneau barely landed a glove on him.
      But go ahead underestimate JT all you want. He may not be an Einstein but then he doesn’t need to be…his eventual opponent is likely to be Harper. He just has to prove he can lie with the best of them.

      • Meat head. Nice. No wonder you always claim that Liberals are the smartest and classiest bunch of people.

        • Good to know you have a sensitive spot after all. Caught me on a rough day. I’ll make up for it tomorrow by calling you sweetie pie.

        • Bad day. Took it out just for you sweetie pie .