Get out the vote -

Get out the vote


Those who are keen to cast a ballot or who won’t be in their riding on election day, can vote this weekend at advance polls.

Elections Canada has all the relevant information.


Get out the vote

  1. I'll probably be voting today.

  2. already did!

  3. There were long line-ups at the Edmonton-Strathcona northern advance poll today.

    Give people a race and they'll want to place a bet.

  4. I voted today (Ottawa West-Nepean)…I had to wait in line for over half an hour. I don't think that's ever happened to me in the decade-plus I've been of voting age.

    • That is a very good sign. There were lineups in Calgary yesterday as well. Reminded me of when Nenshi got elected.

  5. I voted! Yay me!

  6. I came back from Japan to vote. felt good. No earthquake aftershocks here – just political ones.