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Go ahead, throw your vote away


A day after the Conservative candidate in Victoria warned against sending “another MP to Ottawa who will be shut down,” Joan Crockatt suggests that opposition MPs are somehow barred from Diane Ablonczy‘s office.

She emphasized a number of times that voting for a government MP has its benefits. “If you’re in Mexico and you lose your passport, do you want to call an opposition member of Parliament? Or do you want to call someone who can walk across to the minister’s office?” said Crockatt.

For the record, if you do lose your passport while outside Canada, the official Passport Canada website advises you to “report the loss or theft to the nearest Government of Canada office abroad and to the local police.”


Go ahead, throw your vote away

  1. I’ve been abroad for most of the last ten years and I didn’t realize that if I lose my passport I should make a call to my MP. Good to know.

    Well, it would be if I had a Tory MP. I guess Foreign Affairs won’t take care of me because my neighbors voted for an opposition member. Sad.

    • You should email them a note saying you support the troops. That and a $10 donation ought’a do it.

    • Guess that’s why Harper renamed the Government of Canada to the Harper Government. It no longer serves Canadians, only Conservatives.

  2. Ah yes, the hubris of a long running majority government.

  3. Montezuma would be impressed.

  4. And it really helps to be white and Christian too, or Jewish, definitely a big plus.

  5. So what is worse NOW? A guy who points out leaders from one part of the country have a much better record from a certain mild ideological viewpoint (as in, I’m a liberal, so….), or someone who threatens to withold basic services from citizens who live in ridings who elected opposition members?

  6. everyones having a crack at JT for his so called follies,but at least JT faced the eye of the tiger(going to calgary centre),while harper was a no show,but i will bet harper will be there the next day taking accolades for his new blow hard joan crookett.

  7. So where is hollinm when his do-no-wrong Cons are flaunting their own brand of arrogance?

    • He’s busy composing a hate letter to Justin Beiber; should be done shortly.

  8. Nothing much surprises me about these guys anymore[ i hear this is quite a traditional pitch in Canadian politcs]
    Funny story from my part of the country. I heard Joe Handley the liberal candidate in the last election say that when he was premier of the Territory [ no parties here] he had so much trouble getting the attention of the Harper govt that he felt compelled to purchase a Con party membership. Oddly enough that seemed to help.

  9. “Wrong! When you lose your passport, you go to your embassy and get a new
    one. MPs have nothing to do with it. Most people who live abroad do not
    have MPs. Do you keep your MPs number on file when you are on vacation”

    Good comment on the Calgary Herald comment section. So, not only is Crockatt sneering at other peoples choices, she’s completely wrong on the facts, and ignorant to boot. She’s a shoo in for cabinet .

  10. Harper’s position is: vote Conservative or I’ll make you pay for it.

    When Quebec first elected a significant number of Con MPs, Harper declared Quebec a nation within Canada. After the last election, when Cons won few Quebec seats, Harper implementing a number of Anglophile policies: renaming Canadian Forces after the British monarch; combining our embassies under the British; handing out Diamond Jubilee awards.

    Harper is an extremely petty man who has a sociopathic sense of entitlement. I have never seen a government come close to this level of corruption.

  11. To answer your question, Joan, I’d like an MP who, at a bare minimum, understands the basic mechanics of how Passport Canada works….(Does this mean if she wins her constituency office will fund an international toll free number so that her constituents can call her from Mexico?)

  12. Very odd comment from Crockatt – I thought she was quite intelligent, but that bit of advice to potential constituents is so very lame.

  13. I actually hope Joan Crockatt loses just so I can see Joan Crockatt’s face when she loses. Hopefuly, she will cry. I just think it would be poetic justice for them to lose the seat they take so much for granted. And then I would enjoy all the rampant speculation about how significant that loss is (or not).

    • Why would you want to watch some one cry? That’s creepy.