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Going for a walk


Two weeks ago, Peter MacKay mocked Jack Harris’ attempts to explain to reporters the NDP’s position on a complicated matter. Today, perhaps having learned from Mr. Harris’ mistake, the Defence Minister opted to walk away from reporters seeking to ask him about his use of military personnel to defend himself.

On Friday morning, MacKay delivered a 20-minute speech to military officials and industry representatives at Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier before speed walking through the hotel, refusing to respond to the trail of reporters following behind.

The country’s top soldier, Gen. Walter Natynczyk, who was also attending the conference, said he was unaware of the specifics of the emails. He would not comment on whether military personnel had been inappropriately used for political purposes or whether an investigation would be launched.


Going for a walk

  1. Please tell me one of the reporters asked if he was late for a fishing expedition…

  2. Maybe there was a Cormorant hovering at the hotel entrance. Can’t keep Search & Rescue waiting, you know.

  3. Rick Mercer’s writers will be working overtime this week. For them, the Cons must be a veritable bottomless cornucopia of material.

    • The problem is, there’s just too much this week.  It will take hours just sifting through it all!

      • Mercer and his team are a quick study…they’ll winnow it all down to a few minutes that will be succinct, trenchant, and hilarious. That’s if RMR goes live this week. You never know from week to week if it’s going to be current or re-cycled.

        In any event, the way the Cons work, he’ll soon be unemployed.