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Gone fishing


As you might’ve noticed, we’re taking a short break. Be back soon. In the meantime, be good and stay out of trouble.


Gone fishing

  1. Thank you for telling us.

    I hope this means a really big story is coming up!

    • You know, he IS allowed to have brief moments of something akin to a life.

      • Of course he is….I just assumed by what he said that they were having a staff meeting.

        • Still, someone’s going to lose an eye, mark Patchouli’s word.

      • I have signed OUT of Twitter because it was becoming too addictive — but during the brief time I hung out there, I found that our favourite Canadian journos — Wherry, OMalley, Wells, Coyne, etc — especially OMalley and Wells — work constantly.  They are on there talking about their stories morning, noon and night.  Glad I didn’t go into journalism; it seems to be all-consuming and I have no idea if they have, or how they manage to have, any family life at all.

        Their vocation is to keep us informed, dammit!  24/7!

        • When these men got into journalism, it wasn’t like that. The magazine websites with their readers’ insatiable appetite for content have changed the rules for what is expected of journalists. As you say, it is a tough grind.

  2. What am I supposed to do without my BTC fix? Visit the post?

  3. anybody else smell free donuts?

  4. I am running around with scissors now that I am unsupervised. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • Somebody’s gonna lose an eye, mark my words!

  5. And CPAC is all screwy – could this day possibly get any worse?

  6. No.

    *lights police cars on fire, spraypaints circle-As on the walls, cranks Arch Enemy to 11*

  7. I think I’m more blown away that Wherry used the royal “we”…..