Good cop, bad cop


While the Conservatives lament via news release, four Conservative ministers tweet their best wishes.

Jason Kenney Congratulations to MP Jinny Sims on her appointment as my new (NDP) Critic for HM Loyal Opposition. Jinny’s smart, articulate & hard-working

Lisa Raitt Congratulations to MP Alexandre Boulerice the new critic for the Labour portfolio from HM Loyal Opposition.

James Moore Congratulations to Pierre Nantel, new Heritage Critic for the NDP. Looking forward to the debates ahead.

Pierre Poilievre Congrats to Olivia Chow on reappointment to Transport file. As NDP critic, she is tough and smart.

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Good cop, bad cop

  1. Looking forward to the debates ahead.

    Wait… did he just announce that a Conservative Cabinet Minster is going to actually respond to their counterpart? Did he clear that with Baird first?

  2. Good one Wherry.  You sure showed those Haperites a thing or two when they tried to be civil to their opposition.  What would our Parliament be without you.

    • Yes, of course an official press release attacking the opposition is mitigated by a few personal tweets.  You’ve missed the point entirely.

  3. The coginitively dissonant party or Canada. Orwell would have a field day with theses guys…so would Freud and Jung come to that.

    No doubt it’s listed in some tactical text book as good politics – it worked on Guanilon, just think what it did for the hordes of imbeciles who choose to support Harper no matter what he says or does.

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