Stephen Harper on Brazeau -

Stephen Harper on Brazeau

The Senator’s situation is raised in QP


The NDP used its third question this afternoon to raise the situation of Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Megan Leslie: Mr. Speaker, Senate ethics reached a new low this week with Senator Mike Duffy ducking out of the kitchen to avoid accountability, reports of Senator Brazeau using a false address to avoid paying income tax and now news of his arrest. Will the Prime Minister confirm that he has kicked Senator Brazeau out of the Conservative caucus? Will the Prime Minister tell Canadians what the government will be doing to recoup any and all money ripped off of taxpayers by his Conservative senators?

Stephen Harper: Mr. Speaker, I think it is known that in light of the serious events that have been reported today, I have removed Senator Brazeau from the Conservative caucus. Obviously, I think our understanding is that these are matters of a personal nature rather than of Senate business, but they are very serious and we expect they will be dealt with through the courts.


Stephen Harper on Brazeau

  1. Sounds like a fair and balanced answer in regards to the assault charge.
    As for the fraud allegations for both Brazeau and Duffy? Unanswered.

  2. Trust the NDP to win the limbo contest….

    • Trust the Cons to slither under the limbo pole with some of the the poorest appointments yet to the Chamber of Sober Second Thought.

      Harper rode into town promising to fix up a national heritage site. Instead, he’s turned it into a whorehouse.

      Look up “hypocrite” in the the dictionary. There’s a picture of Harper.

      • Get real the whole appointment of Brazeau was because of his ethnic background and not on merit Harper should stop stealing progressive ideas

        • And you could start making sense. You’re suggesting Harper is stupider than his critics.

          I’m not sympathetic to his cause but, jeez, he doesn’t need your help.

  3. We can kiss the money good bye then.

    • How is Joe Fontana the Wedding planner doing with his repayment? No updates by Aaron as of yet on that one.

      • Hasn’t been found guilty yet.

      • You’re comparing the record of a small city mayor to the callow performance of a federal 38 yr. old senator who stands to earn something like 7 million from us (for not even showing up) if he lives to age 75?

        How do you spell F.A.I.L.

      • The problem was his appointent. Why does the PM appoint senator people who are under investigation – Brazeau for sexual harassment, Finley for electoral fraud, Duffy for ethical breach? A competent person would wait until the candidate has been cleared. This is much worse than a $1.29 pack of gum-Dingwall-campaign poster opportunity. Harper is entirely responsible for these recommendations to the Senate.

        • And we are entirely responsible for Harper.
          We reap what we sow