Health matters


Steven Fletcher, the Minister of State for Transport, is stepping away from his duties to deal with a health issue.

“I will shortly be undergoing medical treatment that will require some substantial recovery time, during which I will be unable to perform all of my duties as Minister of State (Transport). I am pleased with my medical team and appreciate the support and good wishes of friends, colleagues, and constituents.”

After some speculation that he might have to step aside, the office of Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan confirmed last week that he’d recently been hospitalized as a result of a heart problem, but was fully recovered and fully engaged with his file.


Health matters

  1. Best wishes to the afflicted.   Otherwise, So?

  2. Positive thoughts for Mr. Fletcher. 

  3. Good luck to Mr. Fletcher.  Get lots of rest and come back as soon as you’re ready.

  4. Good luck to him. 

    And for those media scavengers; I need no more information than this.

  5. Did Duncan consider having his heart removed so as to be better equipped to administer the current Indian Act?

    (but in all seriousness, wishing him and Fletcher a continued speedy recovery.)

  6. Best wishes of a speedy recovery to both.

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