He’ll say no


Thomas Mulcair touts his willingness to stand up to unions.

In an interview with The Globe, Mr. Mulcair recounted how he informed the Canadian national director of the Steelworkers, Ken Neumann, that he opposed a reserved voting block for unions at the NDP leadership convention in March. “It was quite clear he wasn’t used to being told ‘no’ by anyone in the NDP. And I said ‘no.’ I said, ‘Why not let the membership decide?’” Mr. Mulcair said of the “cordial” conversation that occurred last month…

“So that is a defining difference because I want to work with the unions, but I’m never going to be beholden to anybody other than the people who voted me there, which will be the membership of the party,” Mr. Mulcair said.


He’ll say no

  1. Thomas Mulcair just spun the Pander-Rama Wheel and decided he could create a niche for himself as the non-union candidate. I’d have more respect if he talked about what he thinks the role of unions ought to be within the party and in Canada, rather than making throw away remarks at a time when there is considerable union bashing going on, including proactive interference with collective bargaining by the federal government. I

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