Here are the issues Canadians care about the most this election

According to data from our Policy Face-off Tool, 74 per cent of Canadians have one surprising policy desire. Could science be a sleeper issue?


Every day, Maclean’s Show and Tell infographic series will highlight interesting data in a visually appealing way, bringing clarity and context to some aspect of the campaign—whether it’s one of the election’s major issues, or a less-discussed concern. Read this daily chart series in our special daily “Bulldog” edition.

Maclean’s readers are overwhelmingly in favour of a policy that would put an end to Ottawa’s well-trod path of data destruction and scientist silencing. A month ago, we published the Policy Face-Off Machine, an online tool that pits two policies against each other at random, asking you to choose which you prefer. The catch? The parties pitching the policies aren’t identified when you’re making the pick. Well, we’ve been keeping track of these policy votes and, with more than 100,000 visitors already, we’ve got a great pile of data on what proposals Canadians prefer. With some surprise, we’ve discovered that Canadians really want government-funded science made available to the public. In fact, that Green- and Liberal-backed policy was chosen over other policies three out of four times, and is the tool’s most-picked policy to date. See the chart below to see what other proposals were picked the most, then head over to to the Face-Off tool to try it for yourself. You might be surprised at the results!




Here are the issues Canadians care about the most this election

  1. Thanks for the laugh Macleans……………..: )

  2. Interesting that the Green Party has easily the highest number of policy items that canadians want most, at 8 out of 10.

    • Too bad no one takes the Green party seriously. Would be amazing if they won a few more seats and brokered power in the next minority parliament

  3. That is a manufacturing of consent list: there are dozens of more important issues that are probably relevant to the average Canadian: also, there are many more that are not even thought of off the cuff…without serious probing and brain storming. And a lot of what ifs too: what if we fired half the civil service and made billions available to the public: what would you do with that money. What if we executed serious criminals within 5 days of a trial by a 3 person military tribunal and wiped out the expensive justice department make work projects. What if we cut off relations with Israel and the money spent on border services and CSIS and the CSE amounting to billions was saved for health care and education: how would you allocate it.

    • Then we would turn into Nazi Germany! You would turn prisons in into concentration camps as well right?

  4. I can’t believe that Canadians’ first priority isn’t avoiding being beheaded by the Islamic State.

    • that’s probably because enough of them are aware that it’s all a bunch of fake corporate media bullshit….

  5. wow , the climate crisis isn’t on the list , which is by far the #1 issue on the canadian public’s mind , who do you corporations think you’re kidding? at least you aren’t being dishonest about the gpc’s position on those issues….

  6. Yet sadly the election will be decided in Quebec on what women should or should not be allowed to wear on their head during citizenship ceremonies. Harper will then continue to ignore climate change until nothing can be done to assure a liveable future for our children and grandchildren. ISIS is a desperation response to the drought which makes large areas of the middle east unlivable. We send bombs when what they need is water :(

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